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What is an engine tune up? It is the routine maintenance that is performed on a vehicle. Tune ups are very important as they keep your vehicle in top running condition. They should be performed every 10,000 miles if you have a contact ignition and every 15,000 on an electronic ignition.

There are many things that are done during a routine engine tune up. One of the first things that is done is to check and change the oil. Several filters will need to be replaced also. These include the oil, air, and fuel filters. Next all valves and hoses are checked. Any with bad connections are replaced. Replace the distributor cap and rotors if needed. Spark plugs are checked for any cracks or tears and must be removed and replaced. This is very important part of the tune up as they must be replaced about every three years. When replacing spark plugs be sure to label them or do them one at a time so that they are replaced in the correct sockets. Make sure that they are centered correctly in the socket or the connector could break. Next you want to adjust the idle speed and ignition timing. Adjusting the idle speed will depend on the type of car you have. It is vital that you never up the idle speed as this will use fuel much quicker. The final adjustment is the ignition timing. If the marks do not light up in the correct places then you will have to have an adjustment done. Once you have adjusted it, check to make sure it fires on the mark.

There are several different procedures that need to be done when you perform a tune up. This is mostly routine and will enhance the life of your car. That is why it is vital that you get this done when it is scheduled to be done so that your engine is performing as it should.

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