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The power steering was introduced in 1920s; the power steering combines the steering linkage with the power and strength of hydraulic pressure. It pressurizes the car’s hydraulic system while the fluid moves via hoses, pump, and valve. As the wheel turns, the steering mechanics are moved forth and back by the piston or plunger. The power steering services is the mostly overlooked system which needs regular servicing. The pump might get damaged, and the pressure pumped to the power steering reduces. Another worst case is the pump might disintegrate and its small pieces get lodged into other parts of the system causing more harm.

The steering wheel is made to turn easily by the presence of the power steering fluid. This fluid reduces corrosion and allows the pump to work efficiently. Different power wheel setups require different fluids to push the steering wheel forth and back. The pistons and the pump mashes the fluid around so regular attention is needed to give the system part a longer life to the system parts like the valves, piston, seals, power and hoses. The fluid should always be clear, and not smell toasted or cloudy.

Another way of maintaining the power steer wheel system is listening to it as it turns. A worn out pump or damaged pump groans and moans when the wheel is turning. Low groans are noted when carrying a heavy load. Though, small noise is normal continuous noises are not. Low moaning noises are due to the fluid level being low thus demanding change. With this check, the hoses and pistons for leakage before adding the right fluid to the right level as overfill or wrong fluid is detrimental to the vehicle. A large card below the car will assist in locating the leaking point.

When left unchecked for long before topping up the fluid check the return hoses for leakage and pressure, then the other part for leakage. If there is still a groaning sound, then the damage has already been done. Take it for repair or replace the pump yourself, when doing yourself ensure you get the pump that fits your vehicle perfectly.

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