Frank Leutz gives back, supports daughters

Frank Leutz gives back, supports daughters

If you own or love a car or attended this year’s Ostrich Festival and met a man who looked like he walked right out of a German Oktoberfest celebration, you may have met Frank Leutz, COO of Desert Car Care of Chandler. As a small business owner in Chandler for 11 years, Frank is very involved in the community and will go to any lengths to support it – even wearing his native German lederhosen promoting votes for Chandler’s eventual win in the “Battle of the ‘Burbs.” Leutz’s fun-loving personality was channeled by a junior high school music teacher who became his mentor. His classical trombone lessons led to performances at Carnegie Hall and acceptance to New York’s music and art’s original “Fame” high school. There, he expanded his training and performed with greats Dizzy Gillespie, Branford Marsalis and Lionel Hampton, as a jazz/salsa trombonist. After school Frank headed to the Navy receiving life-skills essential ... read more

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Girl Scouts Attend Lifesaving Car Clinic

Girl Scouts Attend Lifesaving Car Clinic

You protect your children as they grow up from all sorts of dangers and when they become teens, driving is now added to the list. Before handing over the keys, help by educating them about automotive safety and distracted driving. Need help? An automotive expert and small business owner is in the Chandler neighborhood and happy to help. For several years, Frank Leutz, COO of Desert Car Care of Chandler, has provided automotive clinics for teens and women. They are available about once a quarter or sooner if needed. Various organizations and groups come to the automotive shop to learn more about simple automotive maintenance, vehicle safety, what to do in case of an emergency and safe driving practices. Recently, ten teens from various Chandler high schools, who are members of the Cholla Girl Scouts of Chandler, scheduled a teen clinic with the goal to earn their automotive badge. To start the fun, Frank handed out festive orange safety gloves, then led an interactive workshop to teac ... read more

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