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Cars are expensive to maintain. There are the costs of fuel, maintenance, insurance, and more. For those looking to save money on car expenditures, keeping the wheels of the car aligned is extremely important. For those who are unaware of the severe cost of not having tires in proper alignment, here are a few facts to consider.


This is perhaps the most noticeable effect of poor alignment. Even a seemingly slight amount of misalignment can drastically reduce the life of tires. It is estimated that two degrees of improper alignment can shorten the life of tires by half. For those that think that they are saving money by leaving their vehicle out of alignment and simply slapping new tires on more often, a quick check shows that the relatively minimal expense of an alignment will save a fortune compared with the cost of replacing tires twice as often.


Depending on the amount of improper alignment, fuel costs can rise 15% or more. With fuel being as expensive at is, the amount of money wasted adds up quickly. If an average fill up costs $3.75 a gallon, you will actually be shelling out $4.21 a gallon when you add in the cost of the fuel wasted by poor alignment. This wasted fuel also causes an unnecessary increase in emissions, which is detrimental to the environment.


Improperly aligned tires do not grip the road correctly. This results in poorer handling of the vehicle, especially in less-than-ideal road conditions. Some of resulting dangers from suboptimal handling include increased stopping distance, greater wear on brakes and shocks, hydroplaning, and slipping during emergency maneuvers. Any one of these issues could result in an accident, and getting your car fixed will not only cost the price of the deductible, it will likely cost more in higher insurance rates.

When all the various costs if misaligned tires are added up, it quickly becomes apparent that keeping tires aligned is a tremendous money saver, as well as an important safety consideration. Don’t let out of alignment tires cost either money or safety. Take in any vehicle for an inspection if it seems to be handling unusually.

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