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PLEASE NOTE!If you have recently had an emissions test failure, call or schedule an appointment today for one of our techs to diagnose the problem.

Emissions testing is mandated by law in most countries and states, specifically to make sure automobiles are not giving off excessive levels of pollution while being operated. With many Clean Air mandates in place to monitor and regulate the amount of vehicle exhaust getting released into the air, most requirements maintain that cars get tested at least every two or three years. However, there is no reason to wait until you are legally required to get an emissions test. You should test your own car regularly as part of your own maintenance plan.

If your car is giving off emissions that exceed what is permitted, it not only hurts the environment, but your budget as well. Such pollution from a passenger car indicates a mechanical malfunction or issue in need of repair. Leaving that problem unattended will only contribute to larger problems with your car, and larger expenses once you finally get it fixed.

Failing your Emissions testing can indicate a problem with the oxygen sensor, the fuel injection system, the gas cap, air injection system, or catalytic converter. It might also mean there is a problem with the cooling system, or the oil in your car is contaminated or old, or the air filter is restricted. Diagnosing the problem quickly is essential in keeping your repair costs low and your vehicle safe and operable.

Regularly performing Emissions testing is also a good idea for your health. Automobiles create a lot of air pollution, and you probably spend a lot of time in your car. You want to make sure you are breathing clean air both inside and outside of your car. Do not expose yourself to health issues as well as financial risks by ignoring your emissions. Keep yourself on a consistent schedule of testing, just as you should with oil changes, tire rotations, and other preventative maintenance.

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