Welcome to Shocktober!

Welcome to Shocktober! The importance of shocks & struts, when to change them and national manufacturers that have rebates this month to help you save money!

What are Shocks and Struts? Shocks are part of the overall suspension, and a Strut is a complete suspension assembly and are critical to keeping you safe.

The 3 main safety areas they affect are Steering, Stability (handling), and Stopping (braking).

Shocks and struts are not just for ride comfort, their primary function is tire control. They are located at each corner of your wheels to cushion your vehicle while driving on road surfaces.

Steering: Sneakers keep your feet suspended and cushion your body while walking or running. Struts and shocks act in a similar fashion, keeping your vehicle cushioned and comfortable while maintaining safety.

Stability: When you are driving and hit a pothole or rough surface, the struts keep the vehicle stable and comfortable. They also influence the wear of your tires and braking distance.

Stopping: When you go to brake, it is natural that the car dips down a bit. If the shock is worn and not able to cushion it increases your stopping distance, meaning that it takes longer to stop, thus increasing the wear on your brakes.

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