As it has been extremely busy at the garage, we found the time to take measures to get this Chevy Truck revived from what would seem like a cemetery of a desert wasteland.

Anything sitting for 5 years in our neck of the woods requires a serious safety check of all things undercarriage and deadly. Black Widows and other related insects\spiders etc. This is a key focal point of our garage safety that we take pretty serious ( my forehead sting from many years ago was no joke. ) So first things first, we totally spray down the nooks and crannies of the whole truck, let it sit overnight and recheck it again in the morning.

After de-webbing and making all things spider clear…we begin.

To be expected, a battery replacement was initially the first step, and to our surprise….we fired up and the engine started without too much drama. An extended crank was present, otherwise, we sounded and looked pretty good for a truck that was sitting for 5 years.

As fuel starts to age and is actually not put in to use it becomes varnish like and resembles a shellack that you may see on some homemade style furniture. Not an ideal situation for a combustion chamber and spark plugs. A fuel filter and a draining of all old fuel is a priority. Additionally, deep cleaning of the throttle body and air induction will help clear up and carbon deposits. Surprisingly fuel pressure was great with awesome fuel volume, so the fuel pump gets to live another day as is.

GM Top Engine Cleaner :

The ignition is pretty aged and we certainly are going to replace spark plugs, wires, and the cap\rotor to ensure we have a great spark for our fresh fuel. Additionally, we are going to take the extra measure and replace the aged ignition coil, as it is highly likely to come back in the garage as an ignition failure once we have all the new & restored secondary ignition parts in place.

Tip: The throttle body injector harness is pretty common to fray and short at the point of where the air cleaner sits (from repeated removal and install wires can become frayed). This can cause a phantom hesitation and on some occasions, a crank no-start condition. Be sure to look closely at those and replace if necessary.

Throttle Body Fuel Injector Wiring Harness \Summit Racing:

Our brake pedal went to the floor, and we knew based upon a dry well of the two well brake mastery cylinder reservoir that there was a compromise on the brake hydraulic system. Removal of the rear wheels reveals a leaking wheel cylinder, aged brake springs and shoe linings that needed service.

This project was simple, as ideally, it was a goal of the client to tackle the bare bones of safety and reliability. There were additional mechanical items needed, but certainly ok to put on a to-do list for future service.

As the garage is quite noisy, we do apologize for the background noise of the swamp coolers( in the summer months I hate to turn them off as it is approx. 115 degrees outside, and the crew is nice and chill, and for that matter …nice and happy.)

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