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Those pesky squeaks form the suspension of your car can be frustrating to say the least. We investigate the source of squeaks on the Dodge Charger and find a pretty easy fix. Ensure that you inspect all steering and suspension linkages for wear — specifically any cracked or missing portions and loose connections. If you run in to dry bushings that do not seem cracked — you can typically spray them with some Silla -Lube Spray and that may do the trick in reducing or eliminating the squeak\s. In the case of this Dodge Charger –the shocks & springs were recently replaced with an Eibach spring kit & we inspected a rear shock mount that had separated causing the shaft of the shock and or the rubber separating portion to squeak terribly



Tyler Torres, 21, loves his job as a lube line tech at Desert Car Care Center of Chandler, where he is aspiring to become an Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) master certified technician. He is well on his way toward meeting that goal thanks to the career training he received at the East Valley Institute of Technology. EVIT alum and auto technician Tyler Torres inspects vehicle before repair.Torres, who graduated in 2014 from New School for the Arts & Academics, a Tempe charter school, enrolled at EVIT in the 2014-15 school year through the “Young Grads” program, which allows high school graduates under the age of 22 to receive state-funded career and technical education. That program was cut by the state Legislature in 2015, but current students were grandfathered in to be able to complete their programs. “The Young Grads program has served a population in dire need of career training,” said EVIT Superintendent Dr. Sally Downey. “The Young Grads are students who graduated from ... read more


It is always great to take a break from all the fancy of technology and just take some time enjoying the beauty of a classic. The 55 Cadillac Eldorado has been kept up over the years and mechanically looks awesome. A slight brake pedal fade requires a brake adjustment at all 4 wheels. As brake dust can cause some brake squeaks, always good measure to ensure you take the steps to clean out. We utilized a quick drying Zep aerosol, but you can use soapy water as a very good substitute. The adjustment to the brake shoe lining can be done typically using a brake adjustment spoon from the backside of drum backing plate area. As the adjustments are made , resistance should be felt as you are spinning the drum,while carefully not over adjusting as this can cause brakes to lock up. Will keep you guys posted when the 55 comes back in to the garage! Until then, thanks for stopping by


A car running rough can be tricky to diagnose. On this episode we reveal a common source of faults that can cause a rough idle or at times a stalling condition, and how to easily diagnose utilizing a smoke tester. Great Smoke Tester if you will be testing many vehicles (Professional Use) : Smoke tester (inexpensive) : Be extra cautious if you are going to utilize a carborator spray to isolate vacuum leaks (very flammable)


We dive in to the Toyota Prius that came in originally with a lack of power when accelerating. After discussions with the owner of the vehicle and recent repair history, we discovered an interesting situation. After elsewhere repaired an exhaust leak at the exhaust donut, the vehicle started to exhibit a serious symptom of no power when accelerating. We determined that the original leak was caused by excessive back pressure from a clogged/restricted catalytic converter. The converter substrate is a honey comb style filter that is compromised of rhodium,platinum and palladium. These precious metals that coat the converter allow for the catalyst (a speeding up of a gas change) ;converting the spent noxious gas fumes of carbon monoxide to spew through the substrate and ultimately out of the tail pipe as carbon dioxide. When this substrate starts to come apart ,it can lodge in the exhaust piping , causing restriction and a lack of flow—in turn a serious lack or power when ... read more


When an extended crank hard start exists and there is NO check engine light illuminated on the dash, one of the often neglected ,and forgotten items to service\replace is the fuel filter. The fuel filter will trap contaminants and over time can slowly become restricted, and in some occasions cause a lack of volume of fuel to injection system, and in turn create an extended crank situation. This particular VW Beetle TDI , we utilized the Mahle brand fuel filter,as they are OE. Mahle Fuel Filter for the 06 VW TDI BEETLE Important to replace the fuel check valve that is situated on the filter itself. Re using this can cause leaks and over delivery problems. Fuel Filter Check Valve (OE) As noted in the video ,it is important to really prime the filter for this particular diesel application and all diesels for that matter with diesel fuel. T ... read more


Learn the difference between shocks and struts and when to replace shocks. Frank Leutz gives an overview of the system cars use to keep your tires firmly on the road. Since shocks and struts have a big impact on your car’s overall safety and efficiency, it’s vital to know the signs of worn out shocks and struts. When it’s time to replace your car’s shocks and struts, get the job done right with Desert Car Care


The Road Trip Season is currently ( Fall\Winter) in full swing and it is time to get the old chariot out on the open highways and enjoy the ride….maybe. Now , it is extremely important to perform ,way ahead of time, a complete bumper to bumper inspection of all safety systems and components for reliability. This is crucial. In this video we reveal the 3 most popular Road Side Assistance calls mad nationally as reported by AAA. Tires —That rubber is more important then most people realize. We take for granted how much work tires are doing and really need to slow it down and inspect. Tread wear is vital ( typically right around that 4\32″ mark of tread wear,start thinking about investing in a new pair for your ride. Tire pressure is one of the culprits to poor gas mileage and can easily be corrected. Check for the specifications stamped on the sticker, situated on the drivers side door. If that pesky TPMS or Tire Press ... read more


Changing engine oil is not the most difficult thing you will run up against when servicing your vehicle. You drain the oil, replace the oil filter, take the time to flashlight check the vehicle and perhaps top off a few fluids Your engine oil however can be giving you vital clues as to the very health of your engine. We examine a few of the most important clues of what the aged oil you just drained from the engine could be revealing about the state of your engine health. Here are a few common signs of trouble to say the least: Chocolate Milk Oil:
If the engine oil is draining out like your favorite tasting Hershey’s Chocolate Milk, that is a sign of trouble. Specifically with the engine coolant system, as engine oil mixing with coolant or water will end up pouring like chocolate milk. When an engine overheats or runs warmer longer than designed , that vital head gasket will start to unseat the coolant ports and ultimately start seeping this coolant over in to the o
... read more


With close to a million lines of code on most modern day vehicles, repairing and servicing vehicles is just not quite what it used to be. Attaining ASE Certification for each category of a vehicle system is one step towards the knowledge base for that particular system. Now the certification is one small step towards growing competency of repairing a vehicle . There are many other factors, like on going training and mentoring. We provided this video as a parody of what in some occasions could become reality if you seek out an inexperienced non certified automotive technician. Remember to ask for the Certs

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