Car Oil Leak

Realizing that business can be complicated at times with processes, procedures and “things”…we often forget that it is ..the people that are the lifeblood. Without individuals that can effectively operate under the framework of these “things”…it just does not happen..or at least it just does not..last. Today was a reminder of that. Our youngest technician, a great guy, and quite frankly a very smart and tenacious individual..took the time, under the very hectic circumstance to painfully slow down a very detail oriented repair…an Oil leak (replacement of gasket). This repair is very straight forward and relatively simple. However, THE most important process ( I have seen many seasoned technicians miss this time after time)…is the “curing” process of the vital silicone that seals up the surfaces. Often times technicians are extremely time managed to properly service vehicles..and sometimes whip through these repairs…not negligently, but methodically. When a mechanic has the becomes second nature. When a younger technician arrives at repairing or servicing a vehicle…it is very easy to fall into the trap of “speed is oppose to…” quality is number one”. This younger technician took the most important aspect of the repair ..and slowed it get it right..making quality “his” number one. Taking the time to get it right is crucial ..and makes all off us who we are. We have all experienced an assembly line situation with just about any industry that we may have done business with. ..Car washes, Retail services, Restaurants etc. The feeling that one gets is not at all special, and typically leaves us not returning, as the quality of that product or service was less than stellar. We all thrive for an experience that gives us true value behind the money that we work hard for. This meant a great deal to me, and I could see in this younger technician…it meant a great deal to him.

Kudos and thank you! Hug a mechanic! –Frank L

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