Active Monsoons & Tips to Prevent Water Damage to Your Car


  1. Engine Cooling Fan - The downpour of rain and the flood potential on roadways can wreak havoc on the electrical fan which is situated on the very front of the vehicle and is responsible for keeping the engine temperatures from overheating.
  2. Headlights - Monsoon rains can cause serious visibility issues and pose a danger to driving. It is critical that the headlights are operating with no obstruction to its ability to light up the roadways.
  3. Water in Headlights  - With aged or worn headlights that may not seal up properly , water can easily intrude and buildup inside the headlight creating a fishbowl effect causing the lights to stop working. Tip: When pulling over for an emergency stuck in a Monsoon always shut headlights off so other vehicles behind you do not track you as they drive.
  4. Splash Guards - The splash guards are designed to protect vital electrical components and engine belts\pulleys from water intrusion. Ensure that all are in place and not missing, replace missing ones and repair splash guards that are hanging and not secure.


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