Curbing checking a vehicle can be somewhat alarming and in most occasions very damaging to the suspension and steering of the vehicle. Not so much in this case as we dive into the leased Honda Civic.

While driving we certainly identified a subtle wobble in steering wheel along with a slight brake pulsation. Now we could visually see the bent portion of the rim but wanted to ensure it was officially not repairable. Getting this rim\tire mounted on our RoadForce balancer would give us an exact reading of runout ( in reality we really just wanted to show you how much this rim was bent from a very minor curb check episode)

Replacing the rim with an LKQ (fancy for used) to keep costs to a minimum will do the trick.

Examining the brakes reveal brake linings that have plenty of life and brake rotors that are slightly scored and out of round. An easy inexpensive fix and a happy day for our client.

We appreciate all of you that have subscribed and liked our videos, as we will continue bringing what we hope are informative quick tip style vids to the channel. Remember if you have a comment on a particular repair you would like to see, we will work the best we can to produce a video about it. Rock on!

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