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How to Diagnose Car Running Rough

A car running rough can be tricky to diagnose. On this episode we reveal a common source of faults that can cause a rough idle or at times a stalling condition, and how to easily diagnose utilizing a smoke tester. Great Smoke Tester if you will be testing many vehicles (Professional Use) : Smoke tester (inexpensive) : Be Continue Reading
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Toyota No Power

We dive in to the Toyota Prius that came in originally with a lack of power when accelerating. After discussions with the owner of the vehicle and recent repair history, we discovered an interesting situation. After elsewhere repaired an exhaust leak at the exhaust donut, the vehicle started to exhibit a serious symptom of no power when accelerating. We determined Continue Reading
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Fuel Filter VW

When an extended crank hard start exists and there is NO check engine light illuminated on the dash, one of the often neglected ,and forgotten items to service\replace is the fuel filter. The fuel filter will trap contaminants and over time can slowly become restricted, and in some occasions cause a lack of volume of fuel to injection system, and Continue Reading
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Shocks And Struts

Learn the difference between shocks and struts and when to replace shocks. Frank Leutz gives an overview of the system cars use to keep your tires firmly on the road. Since shocks and struts have a big impact on your car’s overall safety and efficiency, it’s vital to know the signs of worn out shocks and struts. When it’s time Continue Reading
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Road Trip–These 3 High Risk Breakdowns to Avoid

The Road Trip Season is currently ( Fall\Winter) in full swing and it is time to get the old chariot out on the open highways and enjoy the ride….maybe. Now , it is extremely important to perform ,way ahead of time, a complete bumper to bumper inspection of all safety systems and components for reliability. This is crucial. In this Continue Reading
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Oil Change – Engine Oil Clues to Engine Health

Changing engine oil is not the most difficult thing you will run up against when servicing your vehicle. You drain the oil, replace the oil filter, take the time to flashlight check the vehicle and perhaps top off a few fluids Your engine oil however can be giving you vital clues as to the very health of your engine. We Continue Reading
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Why You May Want To Ask For The ASE Certification

With close to a million lines of code on most modern day vehicles, repairing and servicing vehicles is just not quite what it used to be. Attaining ASE Certification for each category of a vehicle system is one step towards the knowledge base for that particular system. Now the certification is one small step towards growing competency of repairing a Continue Reading
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Gas Mixed with Diesel. Will This Fix Work?

Accidentally filling your Diesel Truck with Gas can be frustrating. The potential damage to the diesel injection system can cost thousands of dollars. We have had several of these scenarios come through the garage throughout the year , and when we can repeat these procedures with success (sometimes not the case)…a feel good for us and the owner of vehicle Continue Reading
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Toyota Noise From The Dash

A howling or groaning noise from the glove box area of the dash when adjusting the volume settings of your ac/heat settings is typically the blower motor assembly. Always ensure that leaves and debris are clear from the cowl area of windshield base, as this can ultimately end up in the blower motor casing and cause noise as the wheel Continue Reading
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Exposed! What Coolant Stop Leak Looks Like

From time to time you may decide that stop leak can be an alternative to an actual repair of a coolant leak if it seems minor. The Buick came in with an overheat condition, and in all actuality the overheating situation was attributed to the stop leak built up inside the coolant system. (Radiator with goop EXPOSED @ 2:25) You Continue Reading
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