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Oil Change – Engine Oil Clues to Engine Health

Changing engine oil is not the most difficult thing you will run up against when servicing your vehicle. You drain the oil, replace the oil filter, take the time to flashlight check the vehicle and perhaps top off a few fluids Your engine oil however can be giving you vital clues as to the very health of your engine. We Continue Reading
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Why You May Want To Ask For The ASE Certification

With close to a million lines of code on most modern day vehicles, repairing and servicing vehicles is just not quite what it used to be. Attaining ASE Certification for each category of a vehicle system is one step towards the knowledge base for that particular system. Now the certification is one small step towards growing competency of repairing a Continue Reading
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Gas Mixed with Diesel. Will This Fix Work?

Accidentally filling your Diesel Truck with Gas can be frustrating. The potential damage to the diesel injection system can cost thousands of dollars. We have had several of these scenarios come through the garage throughout the year , and when we can repeat these procedures with success (sometimes not the case)…a feel good for us and the owner of vehicle Continue Reading
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Toyota Noise From The Dash

A howling or groaning noise from the glove box area of the dash when adjusting the volume settings of your ac/heat settings is typically the blower motor assembly. Always ensure that leaves and debris are clear from the cowl area of windshield base, as this can ultimately end up in the blower motor casing and cause noise as the wheel Continue Reading
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Exposed! What Coolant Stop Leak Looks Like

From time to time you may decide that stop leak can be an alternative to an actual repair of a coolant leak if it seems minor. The Buick came in with an overheat condition, and in all actuality the overheating situation was attributed to the stop leak built up inside the coolant system. (Radiator with goop EXPOSED @ 2:25) You Continue Reading
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Panty Hose Used for Broken Belt Will it Work?

We started with a standard panty hose and loomed around the water pump and alternator (of course these 2 are vital as we need to limp to the next exit with good charring of battery and quenching of coolant system ). You will not have AC (stop sniveling if your stuck in the will be just fine. ), and Continue Reading
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Infiniti Check Engine Light PO171 Lean

The Infiniti arrived at the garage with no check engine light initially and a noticeable hesitation when accelerating. During the road test the check engine light did eventually illuminate and I did feel an intermittent hesitation when accelerating from a stop. After a brief inspection it was quickly noted that the air induction boot had separated and was sucking in Continue Reading
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Easy Way To Check Catalytic Converter

A very efficient way of testing a catalytic converter for efficiency, especially with a failure of emissions, specifically a NOX (Oxides of Nitrogen failure). Ensure engine is at operating temperature and utilize a digital thermometer. A fairly inexpensive digital thermometer : The key is a difference of at least 100 degrees from the inlet and outlet. This typically indicates Continue Reading
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Dodge Dart Brake Caliper Noise

We deal with a variety of noise related concerns that can come rolling in to the garage. This Dodge Dart was no exception as an odd rattle was clearly evident from the front of the vehicle. Driving over rough patches of road surfaces and speed bumps was when the culprit noise concern would rear its ugly head. A simple road Continue Reading
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Water Pump Toyota Corolla

Noise from an engine can be a multitude of different faults. In this case of the Toyota Corolla, a few other garages had estimated what they thought was an in internal engine failure. (Timing chain and one other garage quoted a cylinder head replacement as per valve issue.) Not the case as we quickly discovered. Our garage has some pretty Continue Reading
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