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Guaranteed Auto Repair in Gilbert & Chandler Arizona

It’s just the beginning of the automotive service that you deserve. Our team of ASE certified technicians and advisors take pride in providing the utmost of attention to detail and quality workmanship.

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With award winning shops in Chandler and Gilbert and ASE Certified Master technicians that understand and respect your vehicle service needs.

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New Location

McQueen & Guadalupe
Now Open!

As we have provided years of superior automotive service and relationships in our community, we proudly announce the opening of our 3rd location at Mcqueen & Guadalupe WITH SATURDAY SERVICE! We have an amazing team of ASE technicians that will proudly provide the auto service you deserve.

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Fair friendly service

The leader in the automotive industry

With award winning shops in Chandler and Gilbert and ASE Certified Master technicians that understand and respect your vehicle service needs.

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Auto Repair & Mechanic in
Chandler, Gilbert & Mesa Arizona


You want to be sure any repairs or servicing carried out on your vehicle are going to stand the test of time and wear. We offer a 25 month or 25 thousand mile guarantee on both parts and labor. This means that if a part fails, we replace it, free of charge, no fuss, no quibble.

SureCritic - Auto Repair Reviews

Ever wondered what your car says about you? Does your vehicle express your personality? If you stood back and really looked at your car what would you think about the owner? Do you get your car checked regularly and any needed auto repairs done?

Have you been overtaken by a car that pumps out clouds of dirty smoke? Or one that sounds as if it's about to choke on its own oil? What did you think?

Keeping your car in good repair is about more than just having it serviced regularly, or even irregularly. It's about checking things like brakes and steering, making sure the engine is tuned properly (so you save money on fuel). Having the wheels aligned and balanced so your tires don't wear in odd spots and cause problems. The oil and water need regular checking as does the battery, especially the terminals, after all who want corroded terminals? Some of these things you can (and some would say should) do yourself, other such as wheel balancing you'll need to take to the auto shop to get it done correctly.

Having the coolant system checked and air conditioning serviced means all runs as it should and can save you money. In this day and age, we can't always afford the brand spanking new car we lust after, we can however maintain the car we do have so that it's safe, reliable and economic to run.

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Business Journal Best Places to Work 2012Are you driven to doing things the right way? If so, then we would like to get to know you! We have a variety of career opportunities available throughout the company. Desert Car Care associates are approachable, trusted, credible, helpful and passionate about cars.

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Car Care ClinicsAre you in the dark about what your mechanic recently told you? What are they NOT telling you? Learn more about what your car TRULY needs! Be empowered, take action, sign up today for our upcoming clinics beginning in April.

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