Category: Car Recalls, Scams & Fraud

Volkswagen Emissions Crisis

Volkswagen has recently admitted to a disproportionate amount of carbon monoxide readings for well over 800,000 vehicles, and is struggling to recover its initial wave of #DieselGate conundrums. Rigging emissions data levels to game the system will undoubtedly cause further damage to the iconic brand. How damaging? Carbon monoxide is an odorless, tasteless, colorless gas that can be extremely deadly. Continue Reading
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Auto Mechanic Scams & How to Eliminate The Fear

As a follow up with ABC News “20/20” going undercover at mechanic shops, Frank Leutz with Desert Car Care gives you a few pointers to enable you to be empowered before you go in and see your next mechanic and eliminate the fear.
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Does Your Car Have a Fake Airbag?

Grateful to provide help to Stacia Naquin, Call 12 for Action News for article today on The search continues across the Valley for those who may have been affected by the recent arrest of a man suspected of selling counterfeit airbags to individuals and businesses in the area. As Officer James Holmes, a Phoenix police spokesman, recently stated, “The Continue Reading
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Your Car Odometer

Frank Leutz with Desert Car Care explains cars found with tampered odometers. Learn what to check for before you buy that used car.
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Counterfeit Airbags & Vehicle Information

Easy steps to ensure your air bag in your car or truck is not a fake.The NHTSA estimates a few hundred thousand counterfeit air bags have been installed in vehicles across the country.
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Don’t Buy that used Car Yet!

Be aware of malicious and coy activity that is currently going on with certain sellers of used vehicles in the Valley. Here is how: You get excited about purchasing a used vehicle on the Internet, or in person. The price looks right. The car feels great. WAIT! This vehicle may have the vital check engine light bulb removed, thereby not Continue Reading
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