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Bad Driving Habits

Bad driving habits will cost you money. Heavy aggressive driving can cause your vehicle to break down parts earlier then intended. Watch for these signs including broken engine mounts, bad catalytic converter, worn spark plugs and brake pads. Frank Leutz with Desert Car Care gives tips to keep your vehicle running properly. Originally aired on ABC15 Arizona.
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Five Vehicle Warning Signs Your Nose Can Recognize

Most vehicles start out with a “new car smell,” but there are other specific odors that motorists should never ignore. Identifying these suspect smells early on can help you avoid the hassle and expense of an unexpected breakdown. When you smell any peculiar odor, you should not ignore it. Instead bring your vehicle to a professional service technician that you Continue Reading
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Rats Hiding in Car Engines During Cold Weather

It’s cold out there! Everything wants to escape the cold weather and stay warm and that includes pack rats. We have already seen several vehicles that have sustained damage from these critters sharpening their teeth on wires, plastic and rubber hoses. One customer sustained over $700 in damages, while another at approximately $300. How much wire is in your vehicle? Continue Reading
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Car Engine Coolant & Overheating

Get your car ready for the summer! Frank Leutz with Desert Car Care discusses checking your antifreeze and engine coolant to prevent overheating. Originally aired on KNXV ABC15.
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Cabin Air Filters & Spring Cleaning

Many are doing spring cleaning in their homes, especially those who suffer from allergies to help alleviate the debilitating periods of discomfort the experience. They want a safe haven from the air borne invaders in the air, yet what about the place many of us spend several each day, our cars? According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, Continue Reading
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