Car Care Clinics Registration

image001Teen/First Time Drivers

50% of recently licensed teens get into a collision their first year! Don’t let this be you! Learn about the dangers of driving while texting and other distractions; hands-on basic vehicle maintenance information and emergency preparedness basics. Register for our monthly clinics.

Women’s Car Care Clinics

Are you in the dark about what your mechanic recently told you? What are they NOT telling you? Learn more about what your car TRULY needs! Be empowered, take action, sign up today for our upcoming clinics. Our next clinic is April 27th 6:30pm – 8:30pm. Come join us for food, fun, music and tips on how to take control of your mechanic/car care.

Boy/Girl Scout Automotive Merit Badge
Modern automobiles are important to many aspects of American life. Those who service automobiles must understand each principle, and how these principles interact to provide smooth, efficient performance. Owners of cars also benefit by understanding how their vehicles operate. This enables them to understand why certain periodic maintenance is required to keep their vehicles in tip-top shape.

Car Care Clinic Registration

Questions? Contact Frank Leutz at (480) 420-3555 or fill out our registration form and someone will be in contact with you