DCC Thanksgiving BBQ

Desert Car Care Center will be hosting a Thanksgiving BBQ for our employees and customers on November 18, 2022 from 10am-2pm at our shop.

This would be a great opportunity to not only take advantage of our $15 OFF Oil change and oil filter service w/complimentary 15-point inspection but enjoy some good Thanksgiving grillin’. Come and hang with us for the holidays, for some grillin’ and chillin’!

Call and Schedule today. We got you covered!

We’ll shuttle you back home or work (*within 5 miles).
Offer valid on November 18th 2022

"The more you practice the art of thankfulness, the more you have to be thankful for." - Norman Vincent Peale.

"Be present in all things and thankful for all." - Maya Angelou.

911 Toy Drive

Join the Gift of Giving!

Show your support by Joining Desert Car Care in its 10th Year Anniversary of supporting W. Steven Martin 911 Toy Drive and receive $20.00 OFF your next Full Synthetic Oil Change until 12/31/2022 (*call or visit our shop for details).

The Toy Drive accepts new, unwrapped toys and gifts for children 0-15 years of age, and emphasizes the need for gifts for older kids, things like sports equipment, remote-controlled cars, purses, make-up, and craft kits.

This holiday season help bring smiles to the children. 😊

Bring your Toys and Smile and we’ll take $20.00 OFF your next oil change!

What is the 911 Toy Drive?

More Than 7 Million Toys to Over a Million Children!

The W. Steven Martin 911 Toy Drive Blue Santa program serves Law Enforcement, Fire, Public Safety Officials, and Corrections Officers. This program is one of eight ongoing assistance endeavors we do to support our community, city, and state. There is no sign-up for the public; our recipients are selected by Public Safety personnel based upon direct encounters where needs are discovered.
Gifts are provided throughout the year – not just at Christmas – at no charge to the officer or family to improve the way children in need or danger see the men and women in uniform.
Over nearly four decades, some 7 million gifts have been given away to over a million children through the hands of Police, Fire, and 911 Emergency Services. We have changed young lives and family opinions in positive ways, one house at a time, and that includes the Blue Santas themselves.
Monetary contributions are used to purchase items needed to fill in donation gaps. Our largest need is always gifts for teen and pre-teen boys and girls. This age group is most vulnerable to crime, unrest, and gang activity. An officer at their door with gifts and personal items is an incredible and lifelong positive image that those in need never forget!
The W. Steven Martin Police Toy Drive Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and has NO payroll expenses. We are all volunteers and supporters. ALL donations are used for gifts and expenses to keep these programs working year-round.Desert Car Care is an official Toy Drop-Off Location. If you want to help, visit or call Desert Car Care at (480) 726-6400.


Click It or Ticket Campaign

Chandler Click-It-or-Ticket campaign kicked off Monday.


Community Events

Tax Refund, Spend $ on 3 HIGH RISK Areas For Car Repairs



Every year customers come in to use a portion of their tax refund for vehicle car repairs on items that they have been putting off. However, what the consumer is not aware of are three HIGH-RISK areas to always ask their mechanic to check. This can save from having costly repair surprises in the future. Between now and April 30, call to schedule your complimentary Income Tax Protection Inspection with a focus on the three vital areas.

The Car Care Council estimates that more than $62 billion in vehicle maintenance and repair is not performed every year, evidence that there is considerably more that consumers should be doing to protect their automotive investment. These are the three most important areas to have their mechanics check out.

  1. Any underlying oil leaks. The beginning of a leak, we call “seepage”, is not a bona fide leak to the consumer. They think a leak is when they see oil on the ground. NO! Oil can be leaking and hang out on the frame and other areas before it even makes it to the ground. This is when the high dollar repairs come in.
  2. Share any minor or major noises in the vehicle. Keep a journal of any moans, squeaks, high-pitched whines, “morning sickness” – (yes, it happens first thing in the morning) that you hear when it occurs. They will be intermittent and forgotten about. Yet these sounds are to get your attention that something isn’t right and if not caught early can get expensive. Your mechanic can trace the noises down to the source of the issue.
  3. Air Conditioning System. Summer isn’t here yet temperatures are rising, so now is the time to check this system out. Even if the system is blowing ice cold, rubber hoses could be starting to leak. Consumers think they just need to add freon, but the vital lubricating oil can seep from rubber hoses, causing the heart of the air conditioning system, the air conditioning compressor, to run dry and ultimately fail. That is when repairs get very expensive. Minor repairs to the hoses may cost you about $400.00 or you can wait until it hits the air conditioning compressor and spend in excess of $1000.00. Don’t wait until summer.

Come in for your complimentary 15 Point Income Tax Protection Inspection and we will check:

  • Lights
  • Belts – drive
  • Fluids – oil, coolant, power steering, brake, transmission
  • Hoses – coolant
  • Tire condition and pressure
  • Windshield wipers and cracks
  • Fluid levels
  • Air filter
  • Mirrors
  • Emergency brake inspection
  • Battery
  • Child seat belt check

Desert Car Care Centers are leaders in the automotive industry and an award-winning shop with ASE Certified Master Technicians. We use state-of-the-art equipment and the latest technology and provide you with warranties on both parts and labor. Named 2013 “Angie’s List” Super Service Award recipient, 2012 Phoenix Business Journal “Best Places to Work,” 2012 Motor Age Magazine “ Top Shops” nominee, members of Chandler Chamber of Commerce, NARPRO (Network of Neighborhood Auto Repair Professionals), ASA (Automotive Service Assoc. of Arizona) and Frank Leutz, CEO of Desert Car Care of Chandler is also the ASA Phoenix Chapter President, IATN (International Automotive Technicians Network) and the Better Business Bureau.


Community Events

Ladies Night – Car Care Clinic


Thursday, February 12th, 2015
6 pm – 8 pm

95 North Dobson Road, Chandler AZ 85224
To r.s.v.p. 480-726-6400 or [email protected]

Learn how to talk to a mechanic and how you can take control of your car care service and make sure you are making the best financial decisions for you! Join in on hands-on experience to empower your decision making around vehicle repairs! Come and learn from car care media expert, Frank Leutz, COO of Desert Car Care of Chandler and President of Phoenix Automotive Service Association.

Some of the topics Frank will share and illustrate will be:

  • Does my car really need all that?
  • Tips on how to deal with maintenance to keep your car care costs down.
  • Should I trade this car in instead of continuing to throw money towards repairs?
  • Tips on how to get 200,000 miles out of your vehicle without breaking the bank.

Shop with local women-owned businesses and enjoy food, prizes, and giveaways.

Desert Car Care – Chandler
95 N. Dobson Rd.
Chandler, AZ 85224

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Community Events

MADD.org Tie One On For Safety

Desert Car Care Center of Chandler and MADD want you to “Tie One On For Safety®” to ensure the safety of our community during the holiday season by raising awareness of drunk driving. This year we dedicate this event to the memory of fallen Police Officer Payne, part of the East Valley DUI Task Force. The Pledge to Drive Sober kick-off event is Tuesday, December 16.


Community Events

Tie One On For Safety® This Holiday Season & Honor Fallen Chandler Officer Payne

Officer Payne


December 3, 2014(Chandler, AZ)… Desert Car Care Center of Chandler and MADD want you to “Tie One On For Safety®” to ensure the safety of our community during the holiday season by raising awareness of drunk driving. This year we dedicate this event to the memory of fallen Police Officer Payne, part of the East Valley DUI Task Force. The Pledge to Drive Sober kick-off event is Tuesday, December 16. Those who sign the pledge, through December 31, will receive a “Tie One On For Safety®” MADD Ribbon, a free set of windshield wiper blades and a voucher for 20% off any repair or service up to $100.00 through January 31, 2015. For more information or to share this message through social media visit www.desertcarcare.com or call 480-420-3555.

According to a news article in the Arizona Republic, Officer Payne was killed shortly after midnight Oct. 31 when his motorcycle was rear-ended as he waited for a light at Chandler Boulevard and Pennington Drive in Chandler. Police and safety officials describe the suspect in his death, Brian Yazzie, as the sort of chronically impaired driver that troubles them the most. Yazzie had a blood-alcohol content of .29 percent, more than three times the .08 percent limit at which Arizona drivers are presumed impaired under state law.

“Accidents involving alcohol are preventable and we can’t remind people enough, especially around the festive holiday season, to make the commitment to have a designated driver,” states Frank Leutz, CEO of Desert Car Care of Chandler. “We invite the community to take the pledge and share this message to their families, friends, and co-workers in person and through social media.”

Pledge To Drive Sober: This holiday season, I give my family, my friends and myself the gift of life. I pledge to not drink and drive or ride with an impaired driver, let my friends drink and drive or ride with an impaired driver, and to always wear my seatbelt.

Last year in Arizona, 281 people were killed — 30 of those were killed during the five weeks between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day — in alcohol-related crashes. The average Blood Alcohol Consumption (BAC) of the 30,000 people arrested in Arizona for DUI was 0.151 – nearly DOUBLE the legal limit. Although the “legal BAC limit” is set at .08, Arizona has a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to DUI. You can be arrested for DUI by being “impaired to the slightest degree”. In Arizona, a DUI can cost a first-time offender about $10,000.

Tips to keep your family and friends safe this season:
Promote the non-drinking designated driver concept in party invitations.
Host parties by providing alternate transportation or accommodation.
Have bedrooms and your sofa ready for those who need to spend the night.
Provide plenty of food, yet avoid too many salty snacks, which tend to make people thirsty and drink more.
Designate a non-drinking driver BEFORE the celebration begins.

Desert Car Care of Chandler is a leader in the automotive industry with ASE Certified Master Technicians. We use state-of-the-art equipment and the latest technology and provide warranties on both parts and labor. Frank Leutz, COO of DCC Chandler, is the current ASA (Automotive Service Association of Arizona) Phoenix Chapter President. Named 2012 Phoenix Business Journal’s “Best Places to Work,” 2012 Motor Age Magazine “Top Shops” nominee, 2013 “Angie’s List” Super Service Award recipient, member of the Chandler Chamber of Commerce, BBB, NARPRO (Network of Neighborhood Auto Repair Professionals) and IATN (International Automotive Technicians Network). Desert Car Care of Chandler is located at 95 North Dobson Road, Chandler. For more information visit www.desertcarcare.com or call 480-420-3555.

Sherry L. Butler Communications


Community Events

Holiday Food Drive

food drive

From now until December 20th, customers can bring in 3 non perishable food items to our Chandler location and receive $5 off their services. All items will be donated to Chandler Christian Community for Christmas to help those in need.

The Chandler Christian Community Center was organized in 1966 for the purpose of providing assistance to those who were in need. The center has provided emergency food to the needy of this community. The numbers have increased dramatically over the years. Today it remains the largest charitable Food Bank organization in the community, providing food to the low income and homeless in the area.


Community Events

Holiday Food Drive

Brakes for breasts


Help us put the BRAKES on Breast Cancer and at the same time give you FREE Brake Pads!

Brakes for breasts

Please join us in achieving our 2014 goal of raising $100,000 for the Cleveland Clinic Breast Cancer Vaccine Help us support Dr. Touhy’s research and help create a world where your daughters and granddaughters will never have to worry about the tragedy of facing breast cancer. Additionally, this research is also spearheading a vaccine for ovarian, prostrate and other cancers!

Not sure what you really need? Courtesy inspection FREE!

—Call Frank for—

Please Note: This promotion is good at our Chandler location only.


Community Events

National Tire Safety Week

“Be tire smart – Play Your PART” this summer and learn the signs of worn tires. Frank Leutz with Desert Car Care explains vehicle safety with proper tire pressure and tire rotation. Before your next road trip, be sure to check your vehicle tire treads looking for worn or uneven tire wear, the steel cords and tire bars. Originally aired on KPHO CBS 5 Phoenix. To learn more, visit Desert Car Care.

National Tire Safety Week – Part 2

“Be tire smart – Play Your PART” this summer and check your vehicle for worn tires. Frank Leutz with Desert Car Care explains the importance of having your tires checked every oil service. Before your next road trip, purchase a tire pressure gauge and check your vehicle tire treads and spare tire. Be sure to look for worn and uneven tire wear or tire separation.


Community Events

Engine Coolant System Evaluation

engine coolant

Come in today for a complimentary engine coolant system evaluation. It’s Complimentary and EZPZ!

  • Air conditioning system
  • Battery
  • Rubber hoses and belts
  • Tires
  • Fluids
  • Electrical testing (additional fees may apply)

Triple digits are coming back, take preventative measures to assure that your car doesn’t overheat. If it does and your radiator has to be replaced, you may have sustained more damage to the engine. The way to test for engine damage is to do a block test to check the head gasket.

The head gasket plays a very important role in the function of your car’s engine, and a blown head gasket can cause serious damage and lead to major repairs. A head gasket is a seal that is fitted between the piston cylinder head and the engine block. The car’s engine is an internal combustion engine. For combustion to occur inside the piston chamber, high compression pressure must be achieved. The head gasket seals the combustion process and prevents the coolant and engine oil from mixing together in the combustion chamber. A blown head gasket can cause engine malfunction and significant loss of engine power.

  1. Watch your engine temperature gauge. If your car is constantly overheating it may be a symptom of a blown head gasket.
  2. Are you adding antifreeze more frequently? There are a few places you should never see antifreeze: falling from the sky, in your cereal bowl or coming out your tailpipe!
  3. Check your car’s oil level with the oil dipstick. If you notice froth on the dipstick, there may be coolant mixed in with the oil due to a faulty head gasket.
  4. Watch for sweet smelling white smoke with water droplets coming from the exhaust pipe.


Community Events

Hot Temps A/C Vehicle Safety Inspection

Life meter

We are extending our vehicle temperature safety inspection until June 30, 2014! Stop by Desert Car Care of Chandler for a $27 Vehicle Temperature Safety Inspection and receive a Life-Meter™ child/pet vehicle awareness thermometer to display inside the vehicle.

Vehicle Temperature Safety Inspection Includes:

  • Air conditioning system
  • Battery
  • Rubber hoses and belts
  • Tires
  • Fluids
  • Electrical testing (additional fees may apply)

The rising temperatures add a sense of urgency to get our vehicles checked for safe travel. The most important message is to never leave your child or pet in a closed car. Heat stroke sets in quickly and every year children and pets die. They can’t open windows and cracking the windows does not help. To provide education for the entire family the Life-Meter™ shows how fast the inside temperature can change and how dangerous it is to leave them alone. IMPORTANT: This is a public education awareness tool only.

A child’s body temperature climbs three to five times faster than an adult’s, especially in a hot car. In less than 30 minutes, the temperature inside a car can increase 35 degrees. This causes hyperthermia, in its advanced state referred to as heat stroke sending thousands of children every year to emergency rooms. Pets are equally prone to suffering heatstroke. Temperature increases inside a vehicle can cause your pet to suffer irreversible brain, kidney damage and or lead to death.

“Our children, including our pets, are precious family members and need to be safe when traveling,” states Frank Leutz, COO of Desert Car Care Centers. “Take the time to get your vehicle checked to reduce your chances of a heat-related vehicle emergency putting your family in danger.”

Tips to keep children and pets safe:

  1. Leaving your child or pet in a car with the air conditioning running is dangerous. The air conditioning compressor can shut down if the engine gets too hot and blow hot air into the car.
  2. Key areas of the vehicle to have checked. The heat is hard on rubber and batteries. Have your tires, rubber hoses, wiper blades, fluids, and battery checked at least monthly.
  3. What to do if my vehicle breaks down? Carry plenty of water, a cooler with ice, ice packs, sunscreen, cool loose clothing, towels, blankets in case you have to sit on asphalt, umbrellas for shade and a small car-battery-powered fan, collapsible drinking cup, and jumper cables are some the items to have on hand. To prevent heat stroke: For children, a damp cool rag applied to the back of the neck and aim the fan at them to cool. For pets, offer water to drink, then gently spray or apply cool, tepid water to the overheated dog. Do not use ice water, ice baths or apply ice to an overheated dog. You can apply wet, cool towels along the dog’s chest, abdomen, between its legs and around the neck and aim the fan to cool down.
  4. Seat belts and harness. Have them checked to make sure they are working properly. Children 5 – 8 years old or less than 4 feet 9 inches tall, should be riding in belt-positioning booster seats in the back seat. Keep animals secured in the car inside a ventilated animal crate or in a pet-safety harness.
  5. Let your vehicle cool down. Before loading the kids and pets in the car, turn on the air and let the vehicle cool down so that the seatbelts, leather upholstery are ok to touch.
  6. Hot asphalt. Children can kick off their shoes and be in a hurry to get outside and forget how hot the ground is. Veterinarians see too many dogs with burnt paw pads. Purchase an extreme all-weather boot for your dogs to keep their pads safe.
  7. Install a side window shade. Keeping it cooler and protecting the eyes as well as allowing your child or pet to see outside.
  8. Lock car doors. Children like to play and an unlocked car can be deadly. Once in the car, they can become confused by the door handle’s shape and be unable to open the door from the inside. Also, children may accidentally lock doors by leaning on a power control device and be unable to get out. According to a National SAFE KIDS Campaign survey, only half of all parents lock their cars when they park at home.
  9. First aid kit – sunscreen, bandages in different sizes, Benadryl, antiseptic wipes, antibiotic ointment, sterile saline (contact lens solution), roll gauze and gauze sponges, tweezers, multi-tool with scissors, adhesive tape, muzzle.
  10. Charged cell phone with emergency numbers of police, highway patrol and your mechanic in your cell phone and written down in the owner’s manual of your vehicle in case your cell phone battery runs down.

Desert Car Care Service Centers are a leader in the automotive industry with award-winning shops in Chandler and Gilbert. ASE Certified Master technicians at all locations. We use state-of-the-art equipment and the latest technology and provide you with warranties on both parts and labor. Service excellence and long term relationships are our driving force. Desert Car Care Centers named 2012 Phoenix Business Journal’s “Best Places to Work”, 2012 Motor Age Magazine “Top Shops” nominee, 2013 “Angie’s List” Super Service Award recipient, members of NARPRO (Network of Neighborhood Auto Repair Professionals), ASA (Automotive Service Association of Arizona) of which Frank Leutz serves as President, IATN (International Automotive Technicians Network) and the BBB (Better Business Bureau). For more information visit www.desertcarcare.com.


Community Events
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