Something’s eating the electrical wiring in my car!

The season for pack rats is just around the corner. As temperatures start to drop…these critters love to digest the delectable goodness underneath your vehicle's hood. These critters love to snack on the colored wiring that is entangled throughout the engine bay. If you wake up one morning and your vehicle does not start and your first inkling is a dead battery….you could have a lot more dead costing you a great deal of money to fix. Now typically if you drive your vehicle on a regular basis..you should be ok. If your vehicle is in the high country or will be sitting for several days or weeks ….take heed..as these freeloaders will get warm and cozy ..right next to that $1500.00 engine controls computer or sensor.

What to do about protecting your auto electrical wiring

TO AVOID: Knowing your vehicle may be parked for some time, keep the vehicle parked in an area that has minimal brush and trees surrounding..this will help reduce the risk of scrumptious wire meal for these intruders.. but not a guarantee. With open fields and some farming community in Chandler and in Gilbert, AZ that still remain..especially important. Otherwise …the best defense, is to have a friend or neighbor periodically start, and run the vehicle…perhaps to the car wash for cleaning. Be aware …for more tips, and the automotive service straight and skinny..follow @urmechanic on Twitter-happy Motoring. :)

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