What About Green Cars?

Purchasing a green car means that people will have some extra concerns, but they will also have some extra advantages. People will need to weigh the pros and the cons before they decide to purchase a green car, but as long as they maintain their vehicles, they will receive the benefits for several years to come.

Maintaining a Green Car

As with other vehicles, it’s important for people to change the oil in their green cars when it is recommended. An added tip is that green car owners consult their manufacturers’ manuals to make sure that they are putting in the recommended brand of oil if they are changing the oil themselves. Green car owners will also need to make sure that they are changing their oil filters and spark plugs when the manufacturer suggests it. By performing regular maintenance, people with green cars can make sure that they are even more fuel efficient and emitting the least amount of harmful substances into the air.

The Advantages of the Green Car

• Fuel Efficiency: Some green cars can give people as much as 60 miles to the gallon.
• Emission Efficiency: Green cars are using less gasoline, so they are releasing fewer harmful emissions into the air.
• The green car does not idle like gas-powered vehicles; this further prevents emissions from entering the atmosphere.
• Tax Incentives: The federal government has tax incentives for people who purchase green cars; sometimes, the amount people can receive is $4,000, exactly the cost of replacing the battery.

The Disadvantages of the Green Car

• Green cars cost $2,000 to $4,000 more than gas-powered vehicles, and these extra costs may not be justified unless the price of gasoline triples.
• The battery in green cars carries a risk of electrocution after the vehicle has been involved in a car collision.
• Some of these vehicles have been known to run very quietly, and this might be an advantage for the person driving, but pedestrians who are accustomed to hearing the cars around them may not be as vigilant as they need to be because they do not hear the green vehicle.

Why it is Cheaper to Insure a Green Car

People who own green cars can find cheap insurance quotes (http://www.cheapinsurance123.com/auto-insurance.html) for several reasons. One is the fact that those who have been involved in car crashes in green cars were found to be 25 percent less likely to have injuries than those who were driving other types of vehicles. Because of this, car insurance companies can charge cheap insurance rates for Medical Payments and Personal Injury Protection (PIP) insurance, two types of coverage related to bodily injuries.

It’s important to have car insurance because of the possibility of being involved in an accident. It’s also required in most states that people purchase liability insurance. Although people don’t have a choice, they can find cheap car insurance, especially for a green vehicle. They may even be able to obtain cheap car insurance because they received a discount just for owning a green car.

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