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Volkswagen has recently admitted to a disproportionate amount of carbon monoxide readings for well over 800,000 vehicles and is struggling to recover its initial wave of #DieselGate conundrums. Rigging emissions data levels to game the system will undoubtedly cause further damage to the iconic brand.

How damaging?

Carbon monoxide is an odorless, tasteless, colorless gas that can be extremely deadly. There have been many accounts of tragic CO situations that can lead to serious injury or death. This particular gas is taken very seriously, especially within testing for emissions readings for vehicles from State to State, and for that matter around the world. Vehicle manufacturers are regulated strictly and must conform within guidelines.

Very Tough Guidelines.

As listed on the EPA website in detail, the consumer is ultimately responsible for regular emissions testing after the purchase of a vehicle. For the most part, these state inspections and emissions requirements are fairly simple, as long as the check engine light remains off, and the evaporative emissions controls, i.e. gas cap, are in good shape with no compromise or leaks.

The Cheat.

What makes Volkswagen emissions scandal particularly despicable is that unbeknownst to the consumer, these vital emissions testing procedures were “fixed” during the actual test, and then returning to 40 times allowable standards. Far more pollutants, such as nitrogen dioxide, and now with this news, carbon monoxide, have been spewed. Take into account that this total number, over 11 million vehicles, is the equivalent to the country of England’s total vehicle population, power stations, agriculture, and industry combined.

Consumers left with questions.

As consumers, we have witnessed and endured many automotive scandals. In 2000, Firestone recalled 6.5 million defective tires, causing 175 deaths and over 700 injuries, making it the most deadly recall in automotive history. This Volkswagen emissions affair of engineered wrongdoing most certainly will not cause wide-scale injuries or even death. However, a deep distrust of the brand is certainly in question, as VW starts the long road to correcting and rebuilding consumer faith.

My hope is that, like with many corporate atrocities, the ultimate accountability of the players at hand proves a winner for the future and the consumer. Time will tell.

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