The top 5 indications you should pull over – now.

#5 Lack of visibility

If your windshield looks anything like your pair of sunglass lens from your high school reunion, it may be a good idea to immediately pull over and get that windshield squeaky clean ..or as close to clear as possible. We can easily forget that we are mastering a 3 000 pound plus moving object, and when you are driving at 65mph, you are mapping out roughly 96 feet per second of terrain. At that rate, it would take about 316 feet to come to a stop with ideal conditions and a brake\suspension system that is up to par. Visibility is key, and if you become impaired from splashing road debris, mother nature's mood swings or broken wipers ….pull, and correct the restriction of visibility.

#4 Sudden differences in how the vehicle handles

While driving you feel a major change in steering or handling (how fluid your vehicle operates various terrain differences) …this may indicate a time to pull over. Now. If your tire is low or has lost a wheel weight, that can create vibration issues and a wobble in steering that can feel alarming. As various linkages are attached throughout and conveyed to the steering wheel, you can feel even the slightest signs of small mechanical problems, that could become major. Pull over, and inspect the tires\suspension and steering for potential faults.

#3 Vapor\Steam emanating from the engine bay\under hood

As your vehicle contains multiple fluids to lubricate things like the transmission, engine, coolant system, brake system, power steering, and accessories, you may have developed a leak, that can start burning on hot engine bay components, that in turn burns off as steam or close to it. Usually, there can be a smell associated with this cloud of ugliness. This is definitely a requirement to pull over …now. Especially in hopes to not only stay safe but ensure that additional costs are avoided from excessive damage.

#2 Oil pressure light or temperature light

Your engine requires a certain amount of specified oil pressure to keep metal components lubricated and running well. Your engine temperature light is directly linked to actual engine temperature. Both of these lights on your dash are extremely important to your pocketbook…keep driving with these lights on, and a quick deficit of your bank account could take place. Take these 2 warning lights very serious, and pull over…now.

#1 Lights and Sirens

You definitely were not speeding, your registration is current and all of your safety lights work perfectly. You immediately turn down the stereo and realize..lights and sirens are not for the 72 Nova that just cut in front of you doing 100 mph. Don’t fret and definitely pull over …now. It all works at in the end.

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