The Road Trip Season is currently ( Fall\Winter) in full swing and it is time to get the old chariot out on the open highways and enjoy the ride….maybe.

Now, it is extremely important to perform, way ahead of time, a complete bumper-to-bumper inspection of all safety systems and components for reliability. This is crucial.

In this video, we reveal the 3 most popular Road Side Assistance calls mad nationally as reported by AAA.

Tires —That rubber is more important then most people realize. We take for granted how much work tires are doing and really need to slow it down and inspect.

Treadwear is vital ( typically right around that 4\32″ mark of tread wear, start thinking about investing in a new pair for your ride.

Tire pressure is one of the culprits to poor gas mileage and can easily be corrected. Check for the specifications stamped on the sticker, situated on the driver's side door.

If that pesky TPMS or Tire Pressure Monitoring System light on the dash will not stop blinking or shot off, and you do not have a known tire defect..there is a good chance you may have a defective TPMS sensor\s mounted inside the rim of the tire. If your fortunate, the TPMS system may be just a simple recalibration to set properly.

Battery—Reliably starting the vehicle every time, we can easily forget that the battery must be tested before we head out on the open road. Ensure that the battery is load tested to properly evaluate.

If that battery has been resting under the hood for more than 3 years..there is a good chance it is tired and will cause a no start. Check the date stamp, and replace regardless to make absolutely certain there are not any electrical surprises.

Battery acid can be a quiet disaster, causing cancer to spread throughout expensive battery cables and electronics. If the battery has any trace evidence of moisture and is a leaker…replace it immediately.

Keys—-Yes. I know what you're thinking. This is probably not a big deal. However, it is high on the list of roadside assistance calls. You get busy. You get excited visiting some pretty cool sights or perhaps run into some old in-laws (cough cough), and you lose your keys. Always have a spare set. This can save some serious anguish and keep you on track for a worry-free Road Trip!

I am super grateful to you all for hanging on our channel and wanted to express beaucoup gratitude, as I really enjoy engaging and helping as many as I can.

Stay tuned, as I am slowly working to improve the sound and overall quality here…otherwise, rock on people…Thank you!

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