We started with a standard panty hose and loomed around the water pump and alternator (of course these 2 are vital as we need to limp to the next exit with good charring of battery and quenching of coolant system ). You will not have AC (stop sniveling if your stuck in the will be just fine. ), and power steering (prepare to regurgitate power steering fluid when steering and make a complete mess here for sure).

The first start of panty hose did not work out. Perhaps we can blame the quality of said manufacturer of panty hose,as well as the lack of material for this experiment. We shall try a thicker brand. More of a sock if you will.

Now tying a knot that will last is crucial. (Keep a knot tying Navy manual in the glove box just in case). In addition the tension on the pulleys is going to be extra important.

Second engine start and we have approximately 2.9 seconds dedicated to a functioning circulation of vital pulleys. Enough for us to travel about half a foot..maybe.

In reviewing this experiment we realized a few things:

1) Road side assistance would have been nice.

2) Panty Hose will more than likely not work for serpentine belt style setups.

3)Duck Tape may have been the answer the whole time.

So..there you have it. If you can make it happen we would love to see your working video of panty hose utilized to get you several exits or miles to get things fixed. (V Rib Belts do not count for obvious reasons)

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