Most great mechanics love when they can reveal an inexpensive repair and a quick fix. They relish in the moments when they can get excited with a vehicle owner about how their car, truck or SUV did not need an extensive amount of engine diagnostics or testing.

Whether your vehicle enjoys the rainy climate, sunray beach environment or the extremes of desert heat, car care can be anxiety filled. It truly is not an often occurrence when a mechanic will actually give you an abundance of good news about what particular car repair dilemma is going to drain your pocketbook.

Put your piggy bank away and meet the Nissan Pathfinder happy!

As there is a step by step procedure that most mechanics will take during a diagnostics of a check engine light, stalling condition, or even a very bad misfire, this Nissan was, for the most part, an easy fix.

During the test drive, it was quickly noted that an engine hesitation and slight error in the transmission shift patterns were very evident. Code pulling basic data did not reveal much (early model vehicles equipped with OBD II were not as advanced and had basic elements of data monitoring of basic components like the Oxygen Sensor, Engine Temperature, etc).

As a common pattern failure of a loose set screw of ignition rotor inside the engine distributor is extremely common for many older Nissan cars and trucks, it was the first component examined.

In this video, we detail the basics of what to look for and how to remedy, A quick fix and a Happy Nissan!

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