A very common fault for late model Nissan, including the 07 Nissan Murano, of which we uncover specifications, testing, and replacement.

A PO340 fault is a camshaft sensor position code, and with a basic check should not have any oil contaminants on the sensor connectors. The valve cover gaskets can be a common area of leak source towards the rear of the cylinder heads. Cure the leak, clean the connector and, on some occasions, that will resolve the problem. An oil soaked connector will not allow for a good pathway of the electronic signal.

The camshaft sensor should have a voltage reading of 1.0-4.0 volts. (The pulse cycle will change as engine RPM is increased ; 3:29 on video reveals what a bad waveform looks like).

When replacing the camshaft sensor it is highly recommended to replace them in pairs along with crankshaft sensor, as they can reproduce the same type of symptoms ( an extended crank or a phantom stalling situation).

Camshaft sensor (Front Bank by Radiator) 2371-AL61A
Camshaft sensor (Rear Bank by Firewall) 23731-6J90B
Crank Shaft Sensor 23731-AL60C

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