A pretty frustrating morning for the owner of this Toyota Sienna, as it out of nowhere developed a no start condition and was towed into the garage.

Crank No start: Typically a fault within the air-fuel management system or input\output sensors of the drivetrain. When the engine is cranking the primary voltage of the vehicle (battery, cables, relays, ignition switch) for the most part are operating as designed.

No Crank No Start: Inspecting the basics of the starting system will reveal a defective starter (checking voltage to the starter will be conclusive), battery,cables\connections, ignition switch or ground points.

In this particular situation we had plenty of voltage to the starter, however, the gear was not engaging the flywheel to actually crank the engine. Over time, from wear and tear, the starter can develop this symptom and will need to be replaced. Additionally ensuring there are no oil or coolant leaks in the area of the starter will ensure it stays dry and does not develop any concerns electrically.

I Recommend utilizing a Denso Starter for premium quality and longevity, as it is the Japanese original equipment to the Toyota platform.

Denso Part Info:

Most of the labor is topside to the vehicle, as the starter is easily accessed once the airbox and related components are removed.

Utilizing a tire marker to identify specific vacuum locations will ensure that everything will return to its original position and minimize any chance of a check engine light coming on.

Tire\Part Marker from NAPA:

Anytime you are doing electrical work to your vehicle where the battery is disconnected remember to utilize a simple battery saver so you don’t have to worry about losing radio presets.

Battery Saver Cheap:

Battery Saver (Recommended) Not so Cheap:–nUdeE7o7k9ZObUXLxurUnQzZyv-KBHG2qJhoCkfrw_wcB

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