The Lincoln Town Car paid a visit to the garage today with a fierce noise emanating from the engine bay. A closer look revealed a scraping sound from the fan assembly.

As we removed the suspect fan assembly we could identify lots of play in the actual shaft of the electric motor as well as upon a closer look, a plastic fan blade that had separated.

When the shaft of that motor starts to age, it can develop excessive lateral play and cause that fan blade to wobble and come apart. In severe occasions that whole assembly can come apart and project itself through the radiator, creating a huge financial mess.

We provided a Dorman Fan assembly which comes as a complete unit. The Dorman brand meets OE specification, is built to last and gets the job done for the long haul. ‘

DORMAN Part No. 620 -120 available from ROCK AUTO:

This was a pretty simple repair and hope it was helpful. The key is don’t delay as this is one of those repairs that can domino into a bigger expense that is avoidable when taken care of immediately.

These videos are very basic and designed for quick information on repairs and parts utilized that we experience straight from our Garage. If you would like step by step or have a vehicle repair concern, post in the comments and we will do our best to help.

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