Going Green

In these days of high gas prices and concern for the state of the planet, many people are thinking of buying hybrid or all-electric cars. Nissan brought out the Leaf to much hype but is it as good as it’s made to appear?

Battery life is not the only problem it seems, here are a few links from around the web for you to browse through. Do you have any experience with the Nissan Leaf? Why not share your views with others, good or bad.


This following article is written by someone in the UK who had (free from Nissan) for a week to try it out. It’s an interesting perspective coming from a country that’s much smaller than the US, where insurance can be very expensive and where ‘congestion’ charges are levied in London to dissuade people from polluting the capital with exhaust fumes. So the money angle will be different than here in sunny Arizona.

Let’s hear your stories!


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