Another vehicle towed in with symptoms of an extended crank no start with a major fuel odor present.

With fuel spewing out of the tailpipe we quickly determined that a fuel injector/s were at fault. Typically a failing injector pintle will cause the fuel to stream as opposed to atomize or mist fuel distribution to the engine combustion chamber.

We were very fortunate, as this excessive fueling to the cylinders and exhaust can cause major damage to that expensive catalytic converter or the engine itself. The partially or unburned fuel can embed\soak the substrate of the catalytic converter causing temperatures to soar, resulting in a fire. Additionally, that raw fuel can wash away the cylinders and cause major engine damage. Thankfully the driver of this vehicle could not really get anywhere fast right when the symptoms occurred.

If you have any signs of a check engine light or smell fuel, immediately have the vehicle towed and checked out. Ultimately, you will save yourself from excessive damage to components that technically were in good shape prior.

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