The importance of utilizing the proper coolant/antifreeze in your vehicle is key. Pouring water on a regular basis into the radiator instead of the proper coolant blend can wreak havoc on both metal and plastic components.

This Mustang came into the garage with an overheat-at-idle symptom. Based upon the discolored rusty coolant, we quickly recognized that we would need to start with a new thermostat and water pump, along with a deep coolant flush to eliminate the oxidized coolant that was circulating throughout the system.

After removing the water pump, we identified a very rotted impeller, which certainly would cause a lack of coolant flow through the engine block from the radiator.

Remember to inspect your coolant system every spring or winter and ensure the condition of coolant is to specification. Additionally, if you have to add water for emergency type situations, make sure to flush out. 

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