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Be aware of malicious and coy activity that is currently going on with certain sellers of used vehicles in the Valley.

Here is how: You get excited about purchasing a used vehicle on the Internet, or in person. The price looks right. The car feels great. WAIT! This vehicle may have the vital check engine light bulb removed, thereby not informing you upfront about a potential issue with the engine. STOP AND PERFORM A QUICK and easy “Bulb Test”.

Turn the key on DONT START engine. Look for all the lights in the dash to come on (Seat-belt, Airbag, and ESPECIALLY the check engine light bulb). IF THIS LIGHT does not come on, there is a good chance that the seller is HIDING AN EXPENSIVE repair.

Without this light coming on, YOU ARE not aware of a fault. And most IMPORTANTLY, have us perform a “Pre Purchase” top to bottom vehicle inspection. Our Chandler and Gilbert locations can give you the peace of mind that you deserve!

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