We deal with a variety of noise-related concerns that can come rolling into the garage. This Dodge Dart was no exception as an odd rattle was clearly evident from the front of the vehicle.

Driving over rough patches of road surfaces and speed bumps was when the culprit noise concern would rear its ugly head. A simple road test over speed bumps and we were able to distinguish the rattle and isolate a general area from the wheels as to were it was coming from.

Getting the vehicle hoisted in the air we did quickly determine that the brake caliper was excessive in movement when not applying brakes. Now on most occasions as per the design of the brake caliper, there will be some slight movement, but in this case, too much and subsequently the noise source.

Anytime we determine the source of a fault we will research information regarding technical service bulletins (T.S.B) as well as any potential open recall information. This allows us to ensure that we are not missing any updated designs to fix or more importantly make sure the repair is not a current RECALL candidate. It is important that you do the same before diving into repairs.

There are many websites claiming Recall information, however, go right to the regulated source, as there will be less ambiguity.

NHTSA Recalls for the Dodge Dart : (Type in the V.I.N; you can find on the driver's side inner door, and the current recalls will populate)
There is a Recall regarding brakes for a brake booster concern, but not a brake caliper noise concern.

T.S.B for the Brake Caliper concerns #SB-05-004-13
If YOU need a copy ( you in most occasions have to pay through various websites from what is currently out there) just contact me in the comments and I can send to you.

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