Not an easy thing to deal with, or explain to the rest of the world when this happens. Don’t feel like a schmuck, it can happen.

Administering Diesel fuel into a gas driven vehicle is not as bad, on most occasions, as everyone will lead you to believe (the reverse of that situation can be more in depth, as gas has next to no oiling\lubricating properties when compared to diesel).

This older Mustang was towed in and we investigated a logical and cost-effective approach. Here are a few tips if you get caught on the end of the wrong fuel hose at the gas station :

If you caught the act right away ..you may luck out by easily removing some of the diesel via the fuel rail. Engage the key on\off to cycle the fuel pump and capture the contaminating “stuff”. Now be realistic, as this option may be a desperate attempt if you're caught in the middle of nowhere with limited options. Make sure you're cautious, as you certainly don’t want to catch an engine intake or the plastic components on fire, AND, always dispose of the nasty stuff in an eco-sensible manner.

The second step is surprisingly very practical and the most cost-effective way out…when you can find a garage that has a Gas Caddy. Call ahead if your towing it into a potential garage and make sure they have one of these on hand, as it can be a huge money saver ( we have one and ultimately did not use for this video for obvious reasons, so as to highlight the next step).

The dreaded fuel tank pull and drain ( ..oh yea..on the ground without a lift …your dreading for sure) Having a lift for sure helps here.

If you totally spaced out at the pump and filled it to the brim with diesel …time to pull the tank and drain it completely dry. This Mustang was fairly simple. Not the case in many other platforms, as your removing quite a bit of engineered goodness to get out of the vehicle.

A word about fuel pumps:

In my experience of almost 30 years …I have rarely seen the case in the above scenario that would require an immediate replacement of a fuel pump or fuel injectors. Now …you can be the judge of age\wear\tear\mileage ..and decide if you're not going to risk going through all of that to not replace the fuel pump while you are right there. We always provide options to our folks that come in and advise accordingly. So …make it your call wisely either way & if you decide on a fuel pump assembly…stick with as close to Factory OE that you can get, otherwise, yes less expensive pumps will fail sooner than later.

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