We had previously performed a pre-purchase inspection of this 1976 Corvette and ultimately was given the green light to start repairs to minor faults that we discovered originally. Now granted, this was not a Barrett Jackson ready Corvette, however, was exactly what the client was looking for…a weekend cruiser.

During the test drive and inspection, we did discover worn lower ball joints and control arm bushings, causing front end noise when going over bumps, as well as a shimmy that was felt in the steering wheel at cruising speeds. Additionally we did replace front leaking brake calipers, pad linings and resurfaced the brake rotors utilizing the Pro Cut On Car Brake Lathe (Link below for more details of brake lathe, as it is a time saver in the garage, as well as in some occasions a recommended lathe for some vehicle manufacturers when resurfacing brake rotors).

During the course of the initial inspection, it was additionally noted that there was a shudder from the rear of the vehicle during acceleration. Further evaluation revealed metallic flaking from the area of the rear U joints and considerable play in the drive shaft from these worn components. Replacement of the U joints would cure the shudder and avoid catastrophe from an eventual separation…no bueno.

On a regular basis, the client of this Vette was adding power steering fluid & the replacement of the power steering pressure valve would quickly remedy. We could have replaced with an upgrade that is available for this Corvette, but really needed to stay within the given budget. (Link for upgrade setup, the rebuild kit, and the actual replacement valve listed below)

Overall this Corvette was relatively easy to work on, and for the most part, pretty worry free as far as parts availability. One thing we might add is that this particular engine, rebuilt elsewhere, did have a performance camshaft, and subsequently was wonky for producing enough vacuum for various components, especially the front headlights. There is an electrical conversion that we will ultimately install (link for this kit below), and do apologize for not including in this episode.

1963-1982 Corvette Power Steering Control Valve Rebuild Kit:

Cardone 28-6623 Re-manufactured Power Steering Control Valve:

Corvette Steeroids Rack & Pinion Conversion Kit:

Corvette Headlight Electric Actuator Kit:

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