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Something most people don’t know about me is the fact that I was kind of a car guy in high school. So much so that after high school, before the military and college, I actually worked as a mechanic for 4 years. What I quickly realized was, while I liked working on cars for fun, having to work on them every day was not for me.

One great thing about those years though is I did just about every job you could imagine and have since then always worked on my own cars. I believe in my nearly 30 years of driving (wait, can that be right?) I have paid to have my car worked on maybe 3-4 times.

Over the last few days, the front brakes on my Acura TL have been squeaking. Easy enough, I have changed brakes hundreds of times in my life. Brake systems were kind of my specialty back when I turned wrenches. So this morning I went and jacked up the front of my car, kicked on the compressor and got ready for a job that I believed would take me about 15-20 minutes tops.

Then, I ran into a problem. See, my fancy-dancy TL with nearly 270,000 miles on it has security locks on the wheels. And I could not find the key.

Long story, but after spending over an hour with myself and my lovely bride Jessica looking like crazy for it, we finally threw up our hands and said, it’s gone.

Enter Periscope
If you know what the video streaming service Periscope is, you are probably wondering what Periscope has to do with any of this. Well, over the last 4-5 months I have got to know a mechanic and shop owner from Chandler on both Periscope and Twitter.

Frank Leutz, know online as @UrMechanic is someone I have been following and talking to online. One thing that I love about Frank is his honesty and compassion for others. This is a guy who you can tell really cares about not only his clients but the general public.

We all know that mechanics don’t have the best reputation, something they have in common with us real estate agents. Frank and his Desert Car Care shops are out to change that. Just like Nick, Shar and I are trying to do with real estate. That is probably why I have developed such a fondness for Frank in a short time. I care about my clients and their experience more than anything, and so does Frank.

I worked in the automotive business long enough as a mechanic, and later two years selling tools for Cornwell Tools, that I feel my BS detector is pretty dialed in.

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