Timing Belt

In life, much of our anxiety stems from the unknown, and we have a tendency to anguish over what may develop from not being prepared. In some occasions, our positive attitude in how we accept the unknown will champion us through. Car repair can easily lead to dreaded unknowns on many occasions.

However…. should they?

When we prepare and plan accordingly we are actually reducing the risk of unknowns. We can anticipate outcomes with less risk of these dreaded unknowns. Depicted is sadly one of the most avoidable unknowns that can take place with your vehicle, causing a great deal of expense, and anxiety.

The timing belt in your engine does just that.

It keeps engine components aligned and “timed” properly. As you can see, it is a rubber belt, and over time can crack, stretch, fray and eventually tear apart, leaving your engine out of time and proper synchronization.

The simple fact: this can be completely avoidable, and the very reason the engineers that designed the vehicle have listed the very critical required replacement… before it gets to that point. The inevitable is completely avoidable.. by simply following the proper replacement interval as listed….in your owners manual.

This picture of a timing belt is a simple one. To many, it really does not mean a great big deal, until it is too late.

The too late is if we choose …added to our list of anxiety.

Avoid adding to that list, and check your owners manual. If you are still in the dark, we have the light, and ultimately can help.

EZPZ solutions in fending off “vehicular anxiety”. Schedule your appointment today!


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