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A quick way to test an ac clutch, especially for the Honda platform, as they can have common failures of the ac compressor clutch. A digital voltmeter, 1:48, test of resistance range should be between 3.9-4.3 Ohms. Additionally the clutch gap clearance .014-.024 should be checked with a feeler gauge. 2:57. It is vital, after replacement of compressor that the ac system is put in a deep vacuum for some time, so all of the moisture is removed. Ideally if you are keeping the vehicle for some time make sure to invest in a new OE compressor. Denso Website :


A very interesting situation with this PT Cruiser, as it was towed in to the garage as a no crank no start situation. The driver stated while cruising the check engine light came on and the engine started to surge and felt like it was ” dancing”, then quickly stalled, as a small fire ensued right in the area of the battery compartment. We were actually able to get the engine started very carefully and immediately noticed engine and transmission mounts that were completely broken causing the trans-axle to rock back and forth violently. Diving in deeper we are able to assess how this fire and symptoms evolved. As an ignition source we surmised that the transmission fluid dipstick vibrated enough over time (the mounting bracket was broken) to cause some that transmission fluid to seep out and ultimately end up on a very frayed battery cable which arced/sparked. (not totally conclusive but certainly a starting point). The fix : Replace defective engine and transmission mounts, correct ... read more


A very common fault for late model Nissan ,including the 07 Nissan Murano, of to which we uncover specifications, testing and replacement. A PO340 fault is a camshaft sensor position code, and with a basic check should not have any oil contaminants on the sensor connectors.The valve cover gaskets can be a common area of leak source towards the rear of the cylinder heads. Cure the leak, clean the connector and in some occasions that will resolve the problem. An oil soaked connector will not allow for a good pathway of electronic signal. The camshaft sensor should have a voltage reading of 1.0-4.0 volts. (The pulse cycle will change as engine RPM is increased ; 3:29 on video reveals what a bad wave form looks like). When replacing the camshaft sensor it is highly recommended to replace them in pairs along with crankshaft sensor, as they can reproduce the same type of symptoms ( an extended crank or a phantom stalling situation). NISSAN PARTS:
Camshaft sensor (Front Bank by Radiato
... read more


Early 09 Honda civics (exc Hybrid, SI Models) may exhibit coolant looks at the engine block and be covered under Honda Warranty. As long as it has been less than 8 years you should be covered. Steps to take:
1. Look for coolant leaking from the engine block cracks typically behind the engine oil/separator.
2. Pressure test the coolant system via the radiator and pinpoint to confirm. Honda TSB 08-44 Information:


This horrible sound from a Kia wheel area is the hub bearing which could have been a disaster by way of a wheel potentially separating from the hub itself. Typically you will hear a moaning noise that will increase as your vehicle speed increases, as well as a fluctuation of this noise as you engage left or right turns, depending which side is the culprit bearing. Taking care of this repair sooner or later will keep you from having to replace other suspension or steering components,including wear to tires, that can ultimately wear out as a domino effect from excessive lateral play


Inside the Garage – Volvo Control Arms (Part 2) – Rubber control arm bushings can crack and dry rot over time. In this video of our Volvo series we replace the control arm as an assembly to get the front end of the suspension nice and quiet. The summer temperatures in Arizona can be brutal on all things rubber regarding suspension and the overall undercarriage


Inside the Garage – Volvo AC Leak (Part 1) – This week we dive into difficult to find car air conditioning leaks on a Volvo S60. With so many components of the AC system that could be leaking, we utilize an AC dye and an AC refrigerant leak detector to ultimately discover a defective AC condenser

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