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When an extended crank hard start exists and there is NO check engine light illuminated on the dash, one of the often neglected ,and forgotten items to service\replace is the fuel filter. The fuel filter will trap contaminants and over time can slowly become restricted, and in some occasions cause a lack of volume of fuel to injection system, and in turn create an extended crank situation. This particular VW Beetle TDI , we utilized the Mahle brand fuel filter,as they are OE. Mahle Fuel Filter for the 06 VW TDI BEETLE Important to replace the fuel check valve that is situated on the filter itself. Re using this can cause leaks and over delivery problems. Fuel Filter Check Valve (OE) As noted in the video ,it is important to really prime the filter for this particular diesel application and all diesels for that matter with diesel fuel. T ... read more


Learn the difference between shocks and struts and when to replace shocks. Frank Leutz gives an overview of the system cars use to keep your tires firmly on the road. Since shocks and struts have a big impact on your car’s overall safety and efficiency, it’s vital to know the signs of worn out shocks and struts. When it’s time to replace your car’s shocks and struts, get the job done right with Desert Car Care

MADD Tie One On For Safety – 3TV Phoenix

Thank you to Javier Soto TV 3TV Phoenix for your support in our “Tie One On for Safety,” campaign with partners MADD Arizona Chandler Police Department Chandler High School. Javier was the last reporter to interview Chandler Police Officer, David Payne, who was also a part of the East Valley DUI Taskforce, at our event in 2013. Sadly he was killed by a drunk driver on Oct. 31, 2014. We honor him every year. Come out and take the pledge to not drink and drive during this holiday season and receive a free pair of windshield wipers. Let’s celebrate the holidays safely! We are also accepting toys for the 911 Toy Drive W. Steven Martin and raffling this cute kids motorbike on Dec. 22. Tickets are 1 for $5 and 3 for $10. We love supporting our charitable causes during this holiday season. MADD Tie One On For Safety – 3TV Phoenix (Segment 2) MADD Tie One On For Safety – 3TV Phoenix (Segment 3)


Community Events – Tie One On For Safety – Tie One On For Safety

Commit to Tie One On For Safety, Don’t Drink and Drive this Holiday Season Desert Car Care Center of Chandler and MADD Invite You to Take the Pledge To Drive Sober We Honor Chandler Police Officer David Payne, Part of the East Valley DUI Task Force who was Killed by a Drunk Driver in 2014WHO/WHAT:
Desert Car Care Center of Chandler and MADD Phoenix partner for 4th annual “Tie One On For Safety®” public awareness campaign to remind the community to always designate a non-drinking driver. We again honor and dedicate our efforts to Chandler Police Officer David Payne, part of the East Valley DUI Task Force, who took part in our 2013 campaign and was tragically killed when hit by a drunk driver on October 31, 2014. From December 13 through December 31, come to Desert Car Care Center and sign the Pledge to Drive Sober and receive a “Tie One On For Safety®” MADD decal, a free set of windshield wi
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Community Events


The Road Trip Season is currently ( Fall\Winter) in full swing and it is time to get the old chariot out on the open highways and enjoy the ride….maybe. Now , it is extremely important to perform ,way ahead of time, a complete bumper to bumper inspection of all safety systems and components for reliability. This is crucial. In this video we reveal the 3 most popular Road Side Assistance calls mad nationally as reported by AAA. Tires —That rubber is more important then most people realize. We take for granted how much work tires are doing and really need to slow it down and inspect. Tread wear is vital ( typically right around that 4\32″ mark of tread wear,start thinking about investing in a new pair for your ride. Tire pressure is one of the culprits to poor gas mileage and can easily be corrected. Check for the specifications stamped on the sticker, situated on the drivers side door. If that pesky TPMS or Tire Press ... read more

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