Unfortunately not a Margherita mix. This oil & water blend could result from blazing through a flash flooded area during the Monsoon season. Take the extra steps & ensure the plastic under carriage components are in tact & in place. Any of these protective covers missing could cause over spray & splash straight in to expensive electrical parts. If your in Phoenix/Chandler, stop by the Garage for a quick flashlight inspection


A pretty frustrating morning for the owner of this Toyota Sienna, as it out of no where developed a no start condition and was towed in to the garage. Crank No start : Typically a fault within the air fuel management system or input\output sensors of the drivetrain. When the engine is cranking the primary voltage of the vehicle (battery,cables,relays,ignition switch) for the most part are operating as designed. No Crank No Start: Inspecting the basics of the starting system will reveal a defective starter (checking voltage to the starter will be conclusive), battery,cables\connections, ignition switch or ground points. In this particular situation we had plenty of voltage to the starter , however the gear was not engaging the flywheel to actually crank the engine . Over time,from wear and tear, the starter can develop this symptom and will need to be replaced. Additionally ensuring there are no oil or coolant leaks in the area of the starter will ensure it stays dry and does not dev ... read more


With a very noticeable clicking noise coming from the rear drivers side area located near the rear hatch as well as warm air only blowing from the rear of the vent system…we dive in for the cause and fix. Most vehicles have so much that takes place that is completely out of sight and out of mind…until something stops working. (Especially cold air conditioning that is needed in the 115 degree temps of an Arizona summer…ouch.) We quickly identified the clicking,popping noise coming from the Rear Mode Actuator. No fancy tools needed here. At best if you want to be special, pull out a mechanics stethoscope and listen in…otherwise the writing is pretty much on the wall. The Rear Mode Actuator is responsible for funneling the correct amount of hot,cold or blend of air depending on what you set the blend knob,switch or button to on the dash. Essentially the function is very similar to a door that you simply open and close. We chose to go with MotorCraft . Here is the part : MotorC ... read more


The Lincoln Town Car paid a visit to the garage today with a fierce noise emanating from the engine bay. A closer look revealed a scraping sound from the fan assembly. As we removed the suspect fan assembly we could identify lots of play in the actual shaft of the electric motor as well as upon a closer look , a plastic fan blade that had separated. When the shaft of that motor starts to age, it can develop excessive lateral play and cause that fan blade to wobble and come apart. In severe occasions that whole assembly can come apart and project itself through the radiator, creating a huge financial mess. We provided a Dorman Fan assembly which comes as a complete unit. The Dorman brand meets OE specification, is built to last and gets the job done for the long haul. ‘ DORMAN Part No. 620 -120 available from ROCK AUTO : This was a pretty simple repair and hope it was helpful. The key is don’t delay as this i ... read more


The Sebring actually had some pretty low miles considering the year,but nevertheless had a very common leak from the plastic water outlet. When replacing this component it is recommended that you utilize Mopar Chrysler OE part (Mopar-04792630AA-Engine-Coolant-Outlet-Flange) There are differences in quality as we reveal a few points. We have used the aftermarket outlets in the past with little success. In theory you should remove the upper intake, but can avoid this added step by utilizing a longer swivel head style ratcheting wrench to sneak out the bolt situated partially under the plenum. Make sure to be cautious installing the new housing , as it can be easily over torqued and break


Not an easy thing to deal with, or explain to the rest of the world when this happens. Don’t feel like a schmuck, it can happen. Administering Diesel fuel in to a gas driven vehicle is not as bad , in most occasions, as everyone will lead you to believe. ( the reverse of that situation can be more in depth , as gas has next to no oiling\lubricating properties as diesel). This older Mustang was towed in and we investigated a logical and cost effective approach. Here are a few tips if you get caught on the end of the wrong fuel hose at the gas station : If you caught the act right away may luck out by easily removing some of the diesel via the fuel rail. Engage the key on\off to cycle the fuel pump and capture the contaminating “stuff”. Now be realistic,as this option may be a desperate attempt if your caught in the middle of no where with limited options. Make sure your cautious ,as you certainly don’t want to catch an engine intake or the plastic components on fire, AND, always ... read more


The GMC Pickup had been leaking for some time and returned in the garage for repairs. Additionally ,viable steering play in the wheel had developed and we investigated. The GMC\Chevy trucks can develop an oil leak in the area of the lower bell housing of the transmission. Utilizing an engine dye to circulate throughout and capturing the exact leak locations with a UV Dye light and goggles did certainly help, however we did months ago replace the oil pan gasket and knew head of time we still had a rear main seal oil leak to contend with at a later date. With the transmission removed you can easily identify where the source of these leaks are coming from. Unfortunately the rear main seal is rubber and over time the seal will get hard and brittle. ( 2:12) Not so much in the case of this engine since the flywheel has a one position only dowel,but in general, always mark the flywheel before removing so there is no question about developing a balance issue or vibration. ( 1:55) After compl ... read more


The Camry came in early this morning with the owner complaining of no exterior or interior lights. After deeper discussion it was quickly discovered that all of these symptoms took place after a recent battery replacement elsewhere. As we immediately suspected that the battery cables were initially installed backwards ,we discovered a blown 100 Amp Charging System fuse. This fuse is relatively simple to replace as long as you are careful aligning the eyelets of engine harness to the fuse blade seat. Utilizing a simple magnet while slightly pulling up on harness to align usually does the trick. An easy and inexpensive fix


Curbing checking a vehicle can be some what alarming and in most occasions very damaging to the suspension and steering of the vehicle. Not so much in this case as we dive in to the leased Honda Civic. While driving we certainly identified a subtle wobble in steering wheel along with a slight brake pulsation. Now we could visually see the bent portion of the rim, but wanted to ensure it was officially not repairable. Getting this rim\tire mounted on our RoadForce balancer would give us an exact reading of runout ( in reality we really just wanted to show you how much this rim was bent from a very minor curb check episode) Replacing the rim with an LKQ (fancy for used) to keep costs to a minimum will do the trick. Examining the brakes reveal brake linings that have plenty of life and brake rotors that are slightly scored and out of round. An easy inexpensive fix and a happy day for our client. We appreciate all of you that have subscribed and liked our videos ,as we will continue bri ... read more


As it has been extremely busy at the garage, we found the time to take measures to get this Chevy Truck revived from what would seem like a cemetery of a desert wasteland. Anything sitting for 5 years in our neck of the woods requires a serious safety check of all things undercarriage and deadly. Black Widows and other related insects\spiders etc. This is a key focus point of our garage safety that we take pretty serious ( my forehead sting from many years ago was no joke. ) So first things first, we totally spray down the nooks and crannies of the whole truck ,let it sit overnight and recheck it again in the morning. After de webbing and making all things spider clear…we begin. To be expected, a battery replacement was initially the first step, and to our surprise….we fired up and the engine started without too much drama. An extended crank was present, otherwise, we sounded and looked pretty good for a truck that was sitting for 5 years. As fuel starts to age , and is actually no ... read more

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