Accidentally filling your Diesel Truck with Gas can be frustrating. The potential damage to the diesel injection system can cost thousands of dollars. We have had several of these scenarios come through the garage throughout the year , and when we can repeat these procedures with success (sometimes not the case)…a feel good for us and the owner of vehicle for sure! In this video we reveal tips on what you can do to help avoid replacing expensive fuel system components like the injection pump,injectors and fuel pump/module. Removing the filter and water separator along with completely draining all remnants of the gas is crucial, as gas can be very abrasive to the fuel system. We have had great success with BG Products in terms of cleaning and conditioning the injection system. BG has helped us in several occasions, and would recommend it if your in this situation. When your up against the possibility of thousands of dollars in potential damage to the fuel system , we hope this v ... read more


A howling or groaning noise from the glove box area of the dash when adjusting the volume settings of your ac/heat settings is typically the blower motor assembly. Always ensure that leaves and debris are clear from the cowl area of windshield base, as this can ultimately end up in the blower motor casing and cause noise as the wheel of blower motor is spinning. Caution for the Air Bag Circuit connectors (they are a bright yellow and typically for this service do not require unplugging). Disconnecting the battery for every service or repair that you may be performing is always good measure. Using a battery saver will ensure you do not lose radio presets. Denso OE Parts always recommended for Japanese Imports. When replacing the blower as an assembly ,it is best practice to replace the related blower resistor, as they work hand in hand


From time to time you may decide that stop leak can be an alternative to an actual repair of a coolant leak if it seems minor. The Buick came in with an overheat condition, and in all actuality the overheating situation was attributed to the stop leak built up inside the coolant system. (Radiator with goop EXPOSED @ 2:25) You may stop a minor leak , but over time the expansion process of stop leak can restrict flow in the radiator , heater core, and many of the smaller ports to the coolant system in general. A great product if your stuck somewhere. Not so great if you forget to flush this goop out and ultimately repair what is leaking. Additionally the rusty coolant pouring out is from a lack of coolant system maintenance. Remember to check the factory specification for the required coolant change out as per maintenance


We started with a standard panty hose and loomed around the water pump and alternator (of course these 2 are vital as we need to limp to the next exit with good charring of battery and quenching of coolant system ). You will not have AC (stop sniveling if your stuck in the will be just fine. ), and power steering (prepare to regurgitate power steering fluid when steering and make a complete mess here for sure). The first start of panty hose did not work out. Perhaps we can blame the quality of said manufacturer of panty hose,as well as the lack of material for this experiment. We shall try a thicker brand. More of a sock if you will. Now tying a knot that will last is crucial. (Keep a knot tying Navy manual in the glove box just in case). In addition the tension on the pulleys is going to be extra important. Second engine start and we have approximately 2.9 seconds dedicated to a functioning circulation of vital pulleys. Enough for us to travel about half a foot..maybe. In ... read more


The Infiniti arrived at the garage with no check engine light initially and a noticeable hesitation when accelerating. During the road test the check engine light did eventually illuminate and I did feel an intermittent hesitation when accelerating from a stop. After a brief inspection it was quickly noted that the air induction boot had separated and was sucking in air. This would make perfect sense, as the computer did store a bank one system lean fault (PO171). I always like to keep the duck tape around my vehicle just in case something like this happens, you can easily temporarily bandage the area of leaks until you get it to a point of a permanent repair

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Big thank you to all the teachers who came out to our 5th Annual Back To School Teachers Appreciation Event! Desert Car Care – In appreciation of your efforts in preparing for another school year, we want to provide you with some auto service TLC! Present your school I.D. for these services plus the opportunity to win great prizes and car service gift cards up to $100 off! Enjoy music and refreshments while you wait


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A very efficient way of testing a catalytic converter for efficiency, especially with a failure of emissions, specifically a NOX (Oxides of Nitrogen failure). Ensure engine is at operating temperature and utilize a digital thermometer. A fairly inexpensive digital thermometer : The key is a difference of at least 100 degrees from the inlet and outlet. This typically indicates the catalyst is not taking place and can cause higher NOX readings. Ensuring that the air fuel management system is dialed in is crucial, as in most occasions these catalytic converters will not fail on their own. Make sure that the air fuel management system is working as designed. (Spark plugs,ignition wires,mass air flow sensor ,fuel injectors …to mention a few ). Additionally, as it is highly the case here, if your engine is consum ... read more


We deal with a variety of noise related concerns that can come rolling in to the garage. This Dodge Dart was no exception as an odd rattle was clearly evident from the front of the vehicle. Driving over rough patches of road surfaces and speed bumps was when the culprit noise concern would rear its ugly head. A simple road test over speed bumps and we were able to distinguish the rattle and isolate a general area from the wheels as to were it was coming from. Getting the vehicle hoisted in the air we did quickly determine that the brake caliper was excessive in movement when not applying brakes. Now in most occasions as per the design of the brake caliper their will be some slight movement, but in this case, too much and subsequently the noise source. Anytime we determine the source of a fault we will research information regarding technical service bulletins (T.S.B) as well as any potential open recall information. This allows us to ensure that we are not missing any updated designs t ... read more


Noise from an engine can be a multitude of different faults. In this case of the Toyota Corolla, a few other garages had estimated what they thought was an in internal engine failure. (Timing chain and one other garage quoted a cylinder head replacement as per valve issue.) Not the case as we quickly discovered. Our garage has some pretty fancy tools to get most things diagnosed, but in this case we utilized a pretty simple setup by way of the stethoscope. Be extra cautious while using the stethoscope tip\probe when the engine is running. You can probe the backside of the water pump, as we did, and quickly identify an internal shaft\bearing defect within that component. Additionally if you have an alternator bearing on its way out, you will be able to identify a similar moan\woan\rattle type of noise. We were grateful that we could give the client the good news, and replaced the water pump to eliminate the noise. One last point regarding the water pump and coolant system in general. It ... read more

5th Annual Back to School Teachers Event

5th Annual Back to School Teachers Event

Complimentary Oil Change & 15 Point Car Safety Inspection This promotion is good at the Chandler location only.Saturday, August 20, 2016 8 a.m. to 12:00 noon In appreciation of your efforts in preparing for another school year, we want to provide you with some auto service TLC! Present your school I.D. for these services plus the opportunity to win great prizes and car service gift cards up to $100 off! Enjoy music and refreshments while you wait!! Please bring your school I.D. Complimentary Oil Change includes 5w20 semi-synthetic oil and filter 15 point safety evaluation test Both services – $49.95 value First come first serve Vouchers will be available for rescheduling if necessary Complimentary 15 Point Safety Evaluation include ... read more


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