Brake Repairs and Maintenance

brake repairs and maintenance

Getting Your Brakes Checked

When things in life work as they should, we tend to forget about them. The brakes in our cars, unfortunately, can become one of those forgotten elements in our lives. That is, at least, until something goes wrong, at which point the cost of not maintaining your brakes could be much more than the cost of consistent upkeep.

Often, it is not enough simply to wait for the “Check Brakes” light to appear. Noises, including grinding and high-pitched squeals emanating from any corner of your car, are a good indication that brake repair may be necessary in the near-future. In the interest of your own safety, as well as that of everyone around you, it is very important that you have your brakes checked at least once every 12 months, even if everything seems fine.

It is so important to your safety that your brakes are inspected at least once a year because the process of braking in a car with disc brakes, which most do, invariably wears down the brake pads that clamp around your wheel’s rotor. When the pads become worn down, the time necessary to bring the car to a standstill can dramatically increase. Also, using ineffective pads for a prolonged period of time can lead to rotor damage, which if not addressed, can lead to even more costs for you than if you had simply addressed the problem early on.

While we have mentioned the obvious indications of trouble like irregular noises and an unresponsive brake pedal, there are some more subtle signs that your brakes may need work. Any kind of pulling by the car, in either direction, could be a signal that some part of your braking system is malfunctioning, causing uneven braking pressure on each wheel, which in turn makes the car turn.

It could also be a sign of an unrelated problem though, so it is best to leave the job of diagnosis to the professionals. A final sign for drivers, is any change in how the brake pedal feels under your feet. If it becomes easier, or harder to press, or starts to vibrate, then you should consult your mechanic right away. But in the interest of never having to confront brake problems like these at 65 mph on the highway, it is best to simply have your brakes checked routinely every 12 months, which does not have to be a hassle. In fact, we can easily be reached by phone or you can book an appointment online.

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