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Using Periscope for Business

One trend in social media is that the bigger social media sites are buying smaller, more niche-type sites. Facebook, which owns Instagram, reportedly made a bid for SnapChat, etc. Then there’s Periscope, a live video streaming app that was purchased by Twitter in March. It’s a niche app that has fascinated me and I have been trying to see how Continue Reading
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Cabin Air Filters & Spring Cleaning

Many are doing spring cleaning in their homes, especially those who suffer from allergies to help alleviate the debilitating periods of discomfort the experience. They want a safe haven from the air borne invaders in the air, yet what about the place many of us spend several each day, our cars? According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, Continue Reading
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An Oil Leak & How One Younger Technician Gets it Right

Realizing that business can be complicated at times with processes, procedures and “things”…we often forget that it is ..the people that are the life blood. Without individuals that can effectively operate under the framework of these “things”…it just does not happen..or at least it just does not..last. Today was a reminder of that. Our youngest technician, a great guy, and Continue Reading
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202 Magazine – Frank Leutz

Meet Frank Leutz CEO, Husband & Dad 202 Magazine – October 2013 As a parent and small business entrepreneur, one of my biggest fears has always been losing sight of all the little things that make life special,” says Frank Leutz. “These little things are often the very things that are so magical to our children and companions.” Something tells Continue Reading
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$27 Vehicle Temperature Safety Inspection

Vehicle temperature safety inspection is $27 and receive a Life-Meter™ child/pet vehicle awareness thermometer to display inside the vehicle. Vehicle Temperature Safety Inspection Includes: » Air conditioning system » Battery » Rubber hoses and belts » Tires » Fluids » Electrical testing (additional fees may apply)   May 29, 2013(Chandler, AZ)…The temperatures are rising and the automotive experts at Desert Car Care want to remind Continue Reading
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