Monthly Archives: June 2015

Protecting Your Car in Extreme Temperatures

To keep your vehicle running during excessive heat, do regular maintenance on your vehicle. Take preventative precautions. If you are in traffic and idling and your engine starts to overheat turn the air conditioner off. The engine cooling fans keep the air flowing through the engine and the fans continue to run even when you are idling. What can also Continue Reading
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Monsoon Proofing Your Car

Before the rains hit the Valley, check the tread on your tires and if they are worn out, replace them. This will reduce the risk of hydroplaning. Check the rubber around the cab of the vehicle to make sure there are no leaks. This can cause serious damage to the computer system in the dashboard which can cost you thousands.
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Vehicle Tips for Tires, Wipers and Flooded Streets

Make sure your vehicle is ready to go BEFORE monsoon season. Check the rubber molding to keep water from leaking in which can lead to malfunctioning of your automatic windows, the lights in your dashboard, the radio, etc. Have your tires checked, even if it looks like they are fine from the outside. The inspection may show that the inside Continue Reading
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