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$27 Vehicle Temperature Safety Inspection

Vehicle temperature safety inspection is $27 and receive a Life-Meter™ child/pet vehicle awareness thermometer to display inside the vehicle. Vehicle Temperature Safety Inspection Includes: » Air conditioning system » Battery » Rubber hoses and belts » Tires » Fluids » Electrical testing (additional fees may apply)   May 29, 2013(Chandler, AZ)…The temperatures are rising and the automotive experts at Desert Car Care want to remind Continue Reading
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The Triumphant Trombonist

How does one go from playing trombone in Harlem to running three repair shops in Arizona? Well, let’s see: Frank Leutz grew up in Harlem and became a jazz salsa musician accomplished enough to play Carnegie Hall. He joined the Navy doing mine sweep operations in the Persian Gulf until he was transferred west. Then he drifted into auto repair Continue Reading
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